30th May, 2021

Dear friends,

I’m sitting in a train travelling back to London from Carlisle after a lovely extended holiday in the Lake District, I had expected to be there for a long weekend but stayed the week!

I’ve heard a few times over the last week from the boys and Shadrach in Uganda. Anton returned to his village and found that it had been very dry whilst he was at George’s Place and the beans he had planted had suffered in the drought. When I return we will look at how he can be harvesting water. Fortunately the matoke is looking good! He took a football with him and is happy to be practicing his skills.

‘If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.’ Matthew 21 v22

Asaph and Ronald have returned to college for their new term and Kodet went on Friday to stay with his family near Mbale whilst we discuss his future. He has finished his P7 exams and would like to start vocational training. Some of the staff think he should go into Secondary school next January but my feeling is that he needs a trade. He comes from a large family who are looking for his help and another four years in school followed by vocational training will be hard for them. Prayers please that the right decision is made. Gorette our week day cook has been unwell so Paul and Kodet have been responsible for cooking the food for the past few days.

Dennis had his school report – he is in Senior 3 – he did extremely well in chemistry, physics and history and got Grade 1 mark overall. It is so encouraging to see our boys doing well.

The younger boys are all fine. Before I went away our prayers were answered and Omoding had been found. His mother brought him from Tororo to Kampala where Shadrach met them. He had been found in Kenya! I haven’t heard the full story yet, but he had spent several days in a police cell there before they realised he was from Uganda! At least he is back with us now and will shortly be returning to school, he had a bad skin rash when he returned but this is improving with cream from the clinic.

Flavia sent me a message to say that the boy who had the operation on his leg a few weeks ago is doing well.

A shipment arrived from the U.K. with clothes, towels, soft toys and other articles – many thanks, I will be sending off more boxes this coming week.

I have spoken to Shadrach this evening and he tells me they might be experiencing a second lockdown as cases of COVID are rising in Uganda. Your prayers please as so many people will be suffering and struggling if the pandemic takes hold there.

Thank you for your continued love and support for our work.

Love Jane