6th June, 2021

Dear friends,

The boys are all fine and I received photos this week of some of the younger ones looking smart in their school uniforms. Omoding hasn’t as yet returned to school but will do when the next term begins – if there isn’t another lockdown!

Peace our senior social worker has been off sick this week but I had an opportunity to talk with her for half an hour on Friday evening. She is hoping to return to work on Monday. We spoke about a number of the older boys. She is considering sending Sam our Warden to Nebbi in the northwest to visit another of our ‘Brian’s,’ the one I refer to as new Brian. (We have big Brian, young Brian and new Brian!) He is an orphan and has spent the last few months with his extended family. We feel he needs to be starting a vocational training course and his relatives say he is interested in car mechanics. Peace asked if there was a course locally but it is very rural where he is staying and after speaking with the local probation officer feels it would be better for him to return to Kampala for a course to be found, possibly where Shaffick is studying. It is a long-distance for Sam to be travelling on the bus, as the roads are bad in parts – your prayers please as he visits Brian and the family.

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness”. Lamentations 3 22/23

Peace also commented on how happy she is with some of the older boys especially Tim, who is working well in the bakery and now very independent. Augustine had called into George’s Place this week to visit the boys and he is also doing well. She informed me that Big Brian was enjoying the industrial training and may be offered a job, which would be wonderful.

A few weeks ago Peace and Shadrach took Simon Peter to meet his uncle, they are hoping to do this again shortly as there are family issues over land and another sibling that need reconciling. Our work can be extremely time-consuming when there have been many hurts festering in the boys over the years.

I did hear from Shadrach on Saturday that Musumba was feeling unwell but hopefully he’s only needing paracetamol and some TLC – he doesn’t look too good in the photos!

I managed to send off four large boxes to Uganda on Thursday, with badminton and tennis rackets, knitted items, clothes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, pens, etc. Thank you to all those who collect these items week by week there is always great excitement when they arrive. In today’s photos, it looks like the boys are playing a card game that I don’t recognise but probably arrived in the shipment last week.

We have signed up to Amazon Smile, which means if when ordering from Amazon you use the link below, Homes of Promise will receive a donation of .5% on what you purchase – at no cost to you! Please do consider this.

We have also received a donation through ‘U.K. On-line giving’ but I cannot find out who it is from, we are very grateful, thank you.

Please do continue to pray for Uganda as COVID numbers rise, especially for those living in the slum areas where it is impossible to self isolate.

With love and prayers