4th September, 2022

Dear friends,

I’ve just finished a video call with the boys at George’s Place. The older ones are back from the villages and getting ready to return to college on Monday. All are well, except for Kodet, who will hopefully be feeling better shortly.

Tresor visited the football academy this week and a couple of our boys, Yusuf and Griffin will hopefully join for after school training. I think this will be good for them as they are always at school studying for their P7 examinations and it will give them a break. Any others wishing to, can go along but will not be enrolled for the moment.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭6:10‬ ‭

Denis appreciated seeing his mother last week and they all ate plenty of chicken for lunch on Sunday! I have treated them to swimming at the bigger pool today as they are nearly all at George’s Place and back to school Monday.

Benon was found by Tresor in Kisenyi when he was collecting drugs for Tim from the hospital. He was asking if he could return and apologising for running back to the streets. Benon comes from a very poor background, we will look into his returning when I get back as he needs to understand that he can’t just come and go, we need a commitment from him that he is willing to stay at college and work. (There were problems with a girl student, earlier this year.) I also had another request from Flavia wanting us to take in a boy that she has found, I will ask Peace to be in contact and find out the details.

Benard has been giving school lessons in the garden this week, to help some of the younger ones with their ‘school packages’ which have to be finished by the time they return on Monday. Benard is a teacher by profession and we really appreciate him helping the boys. The home has really been running well since he arrived in January as the Warden.

This is an expensive time with the boys all returning to school and college but we give thanks to the Lord for His provision. The Lord is blessing our boys through your love and support, thank you.

Love Jane