12th February, 2017

Dear friends,

St. Paul writes, ‘ Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances’ – challenging!

We began the week rushing off to pick up Peace and go to the market for fruit and vegetables for George’s Place.  It was extremely hot when we arrived, Peace and Jackie then set off with a young man who was going to carry all the shopping back to me whilst I waited in the car.  The sun was blazing, and they returned two hours later exhausted.  We dropped Peace back home and Jackie and I travelled to George’s Place to spend the rest of the day with the boys – Jackie teaching them – Paul translating when necessary.  Sam was at a residential football training course all week run by the British Council – looking forward to seeing the benefits – hopefully Sam starting up and coaching  the boys and those in the community in football skills.

Tuesday Jackie and I travelled to Mbale, the traffic was terrible when we reached Mukono and we waited an hour with nothing moving at all.  The car overheated again but we found a small garage and a mechanic fitted a small pipe to the overflow tank which seemed to work.  On arriving in Mbale we visited the hostel where the boys stay and arranged to meet them later for supper at a local restaurant.  It was very special being with them, they seem to have grown up since they started their courses, Tim goes into college early each day to cook pastries for the staff, all their teachers commented on what ‘nice’ young men they were.  All the boys attend church regularly.

‘May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed?’ Psalm 20 v4

Wednesday morning we went and visited the boys to take photos of them at college and later travelled to Nabumali to see the people we have built houses for.  Silivia, the widow with 5 children, was very unwell with a swollen and infected hand, we took her to the local clinic for antibiotics and painkillers – a young man who I have met several times before accompanied us and was concerned with the amount of drugs being prescribed – he kept shouting that Silivia would overdose and die – not particularly helpful but she was given careful instructions on how many tablets to take!
We gave out Tshirts, knitted baby clothes and blankets and then managed to visit Isaac, (off road driving across fields) the old man we built a house for a couple of years ago, taking a food parcel, (he was painfully thin).  Mary was not at home, so we left a food parcel with her daughter and another with Silivia’s neighbour whose house has virtually collapsed.

Travelling back to Kampala was easier, but the car overheated again and there seems to be something wrong with the steering which I will need to get sorted!  As we reached the outskirts police diverted us – I wasn’t familiar with the way but we spoke to a boda man who put us in the right direction and thankfully although it was longer we seemed to miss the traffic jams. The rest of the time this week has been spent at George’s Place, Jackie spending time with the boys and me working in the office.

Jackie left In the early hours of Saturday morning, it’s been great having her company, help and advice, she informs me it’s  ‘really cold, grey and raining’ back home very different from a hot, sunny, dry Kampala.

With love and prayers.