5th February, 2017

Dear friends,

I have really appreciated having Jackie with me this week. 

Monday, Jackie, Peace and I went and did the weekly ‘shop’ at the market, I waited in the car whilst they sent the fruit and vegetables back to me via a young man who we paid to do the carrying.  We then dropped Peace back home whilst we travelled back to George’s Place.

Everyday we have visited George’s Place and Jackie has been busy teaching the three boys that are not at school.  They really seem to be enjoying being with her.  

One afternoon we took them to Munyonyo to run around the field, and another we brought them home to play football in my garden – didn’t last long as the ball went over the fence and no one was at home next door. It’s been retrieved now. 

Friday afternoon we visited the Maternity hospital and distributed a box of the ‘fish and chips’ baby clothes, knitted by so many of you.  The hospital has improved immensely since I was last there in January 2016 with a new ward and new cots.  We went to the nursery ward, had to remove our shoes and put on enormous flip flops, some of the babies were in incubators and others were being monitored away from their mothers.  We then went around the postnatal wards giving out more baby clothes.

‘Jesus called the children to him and said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.’ Luke 18 v16

The 6 boys at school leave about 6am and arrive back 6pm ready for afternoon tea, supper, shoe cleaning, bathing and bed.  Four of them also have to go to school on Saturday but arrive back about 3pm – so it’s tiring but they all arrive home smiling especially on the day they had their uniforms – green and yellow sports kits, blue and white uniform – looking so smart.

There have been a few thunder storms this week and rain which was so badly needed – making everything more green and fresh, I’ve thought it was cold at times but Jackie says it’s still warm.

Saturday morning we went off to collect papers from Nora for reregistering the NGO in Uganda, this has to be done again after the first year but we should then receive a certificate for three years.  

Later we took the boys to KK beach where they played football, the younger ones enjoyed the bouncy castle and the older ones did daring things on the climbing bars!  We all had sodas – Jackie and I managed to fall off a bench which tipped up on top of us when I sat on it!  Obviously putting on more weight!  Betty kindly brought us two large pawpaws from her farm in the evening – delicious.

It’s church this morning, the boys going to St. Paul’s but we are going to the International Church and then seeing them later.  

Thank you for all your prayers and support.