29th January, 2017

Dear friends,
The boys are all well and enjoying school, they were up and ready by 5.30am Monday morning – really keen!  The house is much quieter during the day with only three boys but we’ve had trouble getting on with paperwork in the office as the power was off for three days – Bob was sensible enough to contact UMEME the supplier on Wednesday who said no one in the area had told them and they would come and sort it out – which they did quite quickly.  Sam has taken a few days off to go back to the village so thankfully Tresor has been standing in.

The new vicar from St. Paul’s, Katuuso came to visit us on Friday afternoon, with three members of their youth team to talk to the boys.  He chose the passage in Jeremiah 29 v11, which still keeps coming up in connection with our work, a real encouragement to us that God has His plans and is ultimately in control.

‘Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning.’ Proverbs 9 v9

Please be remembering South Sudan in your prayers, from what we hear the situation is horrendous and I’m not sure how much information is getting through to you. This week Sue travelled with 20 orphans and clergy from the South Sudanese church in Kampala, to register the children so that they can receive aid here.  Homes of Promise gave her a box of our ‘fish and chips’ baby jumpers, hats, baby clothes and a few medical supplies to take with her.

I have really been looking forward to my friend Jackie coming, she arrived on Saturday, having travelled with the Bridge of Hope team and is staying with me for two weeks.  She is willing to work in George’s Place and although it will be quiet in the mornings there will be plenty to do later in the day.  Saturday afternoon we took the boys swimming, and also visited them Sunday afternoon to play cards and watch a DVD.  They are all ready for school tomorrow.

I am also sending out a letter looking back on 2016 and asking for prayer for the way forward in 2017.  We really appreciate all your support and encouragement.

With love and blessings


PS: Forgot to mention we have a few new additions at home, William found a dog (he named her Jackie, nothing to do with my Jackie, who was in a bad way when he found her, and 7 new baby chicks 6 black one white).