17th July, 2022

Dear friends,

The boys have had a good week. They were all given new sandals, these have to last 4 months – they wear them most of the time at home and when they go out locally, not all the boys have trainers, though I have sent a large number off this week that we have been given, also a sewing machine and other items. A shipment arrived in Kampala on Wednesday but was mostly full of baby clothes so they weren’t terribly impressed!

I have been contacted by a lady from the Gideon’s, her colleague is in Uganda and wanted to know if he could go to visit George’s Place. He had been helping feed street boys in Mukono and one morning one of the boys had died on the streets which had really distressed him, it is so sad when this happens. She has kindly arranged for a number of New Testaments with Psalms/Proverbs to be sent to me for shipment and I know these will be gratefully received by our boys.

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4 v8

Anton has been staying at the home to sort out his National ID, Tresor has been helping him with this and it is now being processed but will take a few months to come through. Anton has been working in the gardens, cutting back the hedges and plants – he is really knowledgeable since he did his course at Agromax. He is hoping to slash the grass before returning to the village on Tuesday.

Patrick is back now and Peanut has perked up a bit, thankfully.

Saturday morning Benard and Tresor went to the school the younger boy’s attend as the parents had been invited to discuss how they are progressing. The boys stayed at home watching TV and seem confident there are no problems. I won’t get a report on this until next week. They later went swimming and to play in the hotel grounds which they seem to enjoy. Musumba, (Johnson or Edwardson, he wants to be called) and Kasita who are still staying at the office as they continue to attend Maranatha have come for the weekend. They will shortly break up from school and move back to George’s Place before going into Boarding school. When the boys returned home Yusuf showed Tresor a story he had been writing about his friends: Brian (who is now in vocational training) and Musumba. Yusuf is really good at football and athletics, also art, crafts, crocheting, knitting – so it was encouraging to see his story – part of it I’ll send in the photos.

The boys seem to be doing really well – I think the environment outside Kampala has helped them to settle and hopefully focus on school work. Thank you for all your support we really couldn’t be doing this work without your prayers and contributions.

God is continuing to bless our work even in these difficult times.

With love and prayers