24th July, 2022

Dear friends,

The 6 boys from Hope International Vocational Training College arrived home on Wednesday afternoon. I am so proud of them all, their school reports were really good. Derek, who I was concerned about as he has had very little schooling achieved 50% in his exams. New Brian on the Mechanics course was top of the class with 96%. It is so encouraging to see the boys doing well at college. There had been a problem this term as they had attended a local dance that the teachers had refused to let them! Asaph who is at Don Bosco has been in contact and will shortly be returning home for the holidays, he finishes his course later this year, his report is also good. I sent money on Friday for the older boys to go for a swim as a treat but as the younger boys were also off school they all went. Tresor had to do some price negotiation. Some of the older boys did the cooking that day as Gorette was off work.

‘For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?’ Luke 14 v28

The boys at ‘Little Angels School’, went on a school trip on Thursday to Jinja, to the Source of the Nile and also to a factory where they were shown how they made cotton material that was then used for police and prisoner uniforms. Dan’s class, P1, went elsewhere, to Freedom Square, which I believe is a park in Kampala. I spoke to all the boys on Saturday morning, Dan’s English improves weekly.

Tim is very unwell, he is always neglecting to take his medication, (especially it seems when I’m out of the country!) and had to go to the hospital on Friday as he is unable to walk, he is being tested for TB. Tresor will take him back on Tuesday to get the results. Your prayers please. Tim was the first young lad I took home with me, he stayed until we opened George’s Place and is now in independent living.

Last Monday Tresor travelled to Kayunga and purchased the iron sheets for roofing the new home Dan’s family are constructing. He also left money for a door and window and the parents have been busy this week filling in the walls with mud. Hopefully they will be able to move in shortly so that Dan can go and stay for some of the holidays. His older sister has just had a baby and some of the baby clothes were given to her.

Peace was called to the Ministry of Gender on Thursday, they are wanting to give us more boys, but this needs careful and prayerful consideration on our part. Some of our boys we have had for nearly seven years. Your prayers for guidance and wisdom.

Thank you for all your love and support.