12th November, 2017

Dear friends,

We have had lots of torrential rain this week, flooding the roads and causing even heavier than usual traffic jams.  Bob and Peace were dropping Sam and the 4 boys for swimming one afternoon whilst they went to sort out some paperwork with one of the Probation Officers in town but due to a downpour, they decided to take the boys and Sam to my home to watch television!

Late on Tuesday afternoon, we were informed that the Ministry of Gender, the Police Child Protection Officer and the Health Inspector (who is on our Management Committee) were coming to assess the home early on Wednesday morning. Four people arrived and checked our files, facilities, talked to the boys who are not yet at school. We think the meeting went well, they stayed for two hours and even sampled and enjoyed the food! More policies to be written up!

‘Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  ……….it keeps no record of wrongs’ 1 Corinthians 13 v 4/5

The highlight of our week was Fridah’s Introduction (engagement) party which we had all been invited to.  It was a long day, leaving home at 11 am and returning at 10 pm. but was a lovely celebration of two families coming together.  We were entertained with rituals of looking for the bride and groom amongst members of each of the families, cultural dancing, gift presenting, amazing food, singing, and entertainment.  The boys really enjoyed themselves and Fridah presented Homes of Promise with a cake in the shape of a ‘mud hut’ which I’m sure we will be enjoying this afternoon when we are expecting a visit from the local Mother’s Union. So now it’s all preparations for Fridah and Ted’s wedding which will be in early January.

Earlier in the week, we had a call from the Medical Centre in Kisenyi about a young man who had been involved in an accident with a taxi – Bob went and assessed the situation – and we have agreed to pay the medical fees.   

So another week over – time flying by.  Lots to be giving thanks for and giving Glory to God for the difference Homes of Promise is making to these young boys lives. Thank you for all your loving support.  A number of people at the Introduction came and asked me if they could visit George’s Place – the boys make a really good impression on everyone and are worth all the hard work.

With love and prayers