19th November, 2017

Dear friends,

It feels like a lot of things have been achieved this week.

Sam and Bob took Dennis to see if they could find someone who knew where his mother was, he had been living with his father and stepmother for a while before he ran to the streets, (the father didn’t have the mother’s contact details).  They found a distant relative who had her telephone no. and Dennis was so happy to be able to speak to his mother, although she lives a good distance from Kampala.  We will arrange to take Dennis to visit her in the next few weeks as he has finished his school exams and doesn’t return until next year – if he has passed he will change to Senior/boarding school.

We also visited Patrick and Emma who are both doing really well on their welding course at Vocational School.  The bursar was very pleased with them and said they were behaving well.  Of course, we look bread, sugar, biscuits and soap, they were delighted to see us.

…..’let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus…’ Hebrews 12:1–2

Another day we went to look for Victor’s uncle, we only found his stepmother a few weeks ago – the father is believed to be in Dubai!  The uncle was not around but everyone recognised Victor and said how clean and healthy he looked, so hopefully, we will find the uncle and be able to make contact with the dad.

The boys who are not at school have been swimming and for walks to Munyonyo and locally as the weather seems to have improved and it’s really warm – which I appreciate!  At present they are watching a film the ‘Queen of Katwe’ about a young Ugandan girl from the Kampala slums who becomes a celebrity in a Chess Tournament – consequently the boys are all learning to play, (true story), – challenging me – I’m either playing junior scrabble or chess, I much prefer their complicated card game!

Seventeen members of the local Mothers’ Union came last Sunday afternoon to George’s Place bringing gifts of Rolex (chapatis with eggs inside), cakes, soap, baskets/basins a couple of pillows (which the wardens will use, we don’t give the boys pillows) and some money they had collected between themselves.  We are hoping to set up prayers links – the Members being given the name and photo of a boy so they can pray for them daily.  The MU members prayed with us, looked around the home and shared a time of worship and fellowship before having ginger tea and Fridah’s cake – sorry I couldn’t take any photos but hopefully they will email me some.

A couple of weeks ago we received a gift from a lady in North Carolina, USA who had seen our website and wanted to support our work – this is a real encouragement to us – many thanks to my son James who constructed and updates our website free of charge on a weekly basis.

Saturday morning I visited the clinic in Kisenyi and Steven and Charles are much better.  Steven still sleeps at the clinic at night and we have paid for his food for the next couple of weeks to make sure he is eating properly.  Charles’s neck wound has also healed.  I then caught the local ‘matatu’ back to George’s Place which took over an hour.

So another week over with a visit to KK Beach on Saturday afternoon and great excitement in the evening when Bob arrived with our new minibus – the boys were so happy,  and of course had to have a short ride in it, on their return we sang,  prayed and thanked God for his many blessings to us.
With love and prayers.