Sunday 28th April 2024

Dear friends,

It’s good to be back in Uganda, we’ve had a fair amount of rain this week but always followed by sunshine!

I’ve been working in the office most of the week and on Tuesday Peace, Benard and I had a training session with Charlotte from the Min. of Gender who was retraining us in filling in all the information on the boys that is required by her office. We have been remiss in updating our files online although we do have all the info. needed. We are all trying to find time to ensure we are up to date with everything.

Ken called in on Thursday to fill in forms for the bank so that he can also authorize online payments, he had just been to the airport with friends who are returning to the U.K. via Dubai – hope and pray everything is sorted there. I still haven’t received my missing luggage.

”For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: I myself will search for my sheep and look after them. As a shepherd looks after his scattered flock when he is with them, so will I look after my sheep. I will rescue them….”

Today, Saturday we are traveling to Bombo with Asaph for his graduation ceremony. He finished his course more than a year ago and has come from the village where he is working, (using his carpentry skills) for a few days. It will be good to catch up with him, Griffin, Joseph and Yusuf whilst I’m there.

It was a long day – Jessie called for me at 8 am and we went to Garuga and collected Tresor, Asaph and Godfrey who wanted to come with us. We arrived in Bombo at 10am and after Asaph getting his gown and photo taken went to the church service which had already started. There were 200+ students graduating and the church was full of parents, friends, brass band, college choir, (Joseph was in this), staff, Bishop and other RC clergy. Of course there was dancing. It was a lovely service. This was followed by a procession back to the school. We sat under awnings for the speeches, entertainment from the students and the receiving of the certificates, during this time there was a heavy downpour of rain! The celebrations finished at 5pm followed by food. We decided to miss the food and to go to a local cafe at a garage to eat as there were so many people to serve and students. I eventually got home at 8.30pm, had a shower and went to bed! I am so proud of all our boys, Griffin and Yusuf had been busy during the morning preparing food and Joseph was also involved in one of the dances.

When we returned to George’s Place Kodet, Kasita, Johnson and Sula were back. Most of the boys are breaking up this weekend from boarding school and college as the term ends.

We have received photos from Victor and Saviour (at Connect Africa catering course) as they had practical exams. I talked with Omoding in Tororo also doing hairdressing and he breaks up next week but will return to his father and stepmother for the holidays. I’ve also had calls from Augustine welcoming me back and Patrick.

The young boys all seem fine and we thank The Lord for how our work is progressing – Changing Lives.

Thank you for all your love, kindness and support.

Love Jane x