Sunday 5th May, 2024

Dear friends,

My ‘lost’ luggage arrived on Monday afternoon, for which I was thankful.

All the boys are now back from senior school and vocational training college so George’s Place is pretty busy and noisy. I’ve been there twice this week. Drums were being played, TV on, board games out, basketball etc. etc.

Zimba has had his operation and we were hoping it might calm him down! It hasn’t happened yet!

On Wednesday Reina (a teacher from Belize, who works at the British School of Kampala) from KIC came with me to visit the boys as it was a public holiday. We walked with the younger boys and dogs to Sky Beach. It rained on the way and we sheltered under the porch of one of the little houses nearby – a young lad came out with plastic chairs for us to sit on, people are kind here.

‘Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.’ Proverbs 19 v 21

Thursday Peace and I spent a few hours with the boys especially the older ones. Griffin, Victor and Saviour (catering) all wanted to look for work during the holidays but as Gorette has been unwell we decided to let them take on the cooking at the home for two weeks. I woke up Friday morning to a list of ingredients sent from their phones with utensils they need. Griffin is going to teach the other two how to bake cakes, pizzas, burgers and cookies. Saviour cooked beans that day and they were really good apart from the fact that they all got eaten at lunch time and there were supposed to be enough for supper. The other boys are encouraged to help in the preparation of the vegetables.

Saviour has been earning money whilst at Connect Africa making pads for girls that they supply to a local girls school. He gets paid 300 for each one he sews, I think it works out about 20p for three with a small bag. They were really well done with press studs – another useful skill they are learning!

The school reports were good. Kasita has won two medals one for the 100m where he came first, he came second in the 800m and also the discus. He also achieved four A* in some subjects. If we allow him to continue in sports at school he could be entitled to a bursary.

Kodet is struggling at school – prayers please for him – the boys come from different tribes and he feels there is a lot of tribalism even in the school, he’s Karamarjong.

Today Saturday I’m going to a wedding celebration. Jun and Lafelle married recently in Tokyo and then again in Hong Kong and there is a small celebration for their friends in Kampala in Deb’s and Philip’s garden which will be lovely.

We are really thankful for the way the boys are progressing, but prayers please for the three new boys Ram, Jovan and especially Isaac(Joseph), he changes his name quite regularly. With the older boys being back it’s not always easy for the younger ones. Thank you for all your love and support.

With love

Jane x