Sunday 12th May, 2024

Dear friends,

I’ve had a quiet week as I have been unwell since last Sunday afternoon. I eventually asked Jessie to take me to the doctor on Wednesday and have been on antibiotics since then. I am slowly improving, though have a bacterial infection with a bad cough. Peace and I had been planning to travel this week but she also has been unwell and visited the hospital. Hopefully we will be fine for next week.

Our young boys went to a holiday club at Worship Harvest Church on Wednesday and Thursday, this week, Ian called in to see them. Sadly, Jovan ran away from the club with another boy who was there and they haven’t been seen since. Benard went and reported their running away to the police in Entebbe. I was quite surprised as Jovan is such a chatty young lad and seemed to have settled in. Prayers for them both.

‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.’ Romans 8 v28

Griffin, Victor and Saviour have been doing all the cooking during the week days and have made beef pilau rice, burgers, also cooked normal local food. The boys and staff are enjoying tasting different meals using herbs and spices.

  • On Saturday they went to football and the older boys team won 4-1 but the young ones lost 4-0!
  • Bethel received a new pair of football boots (someone donated) that I brought back with me and Tresor says he was so happy.
  • Young Brian and Joseph have gone back to their families for a couple of weeks.
  • Dennis at last picked up his driving licence.
  • Augustine called at George’s Place hoping to see me, he stayed and helped the boys who were doing general cleaning.
  • Ronald has gone to Mubende to stay with Asaph for a few days and to look for work. (His father lives in a nearby village). They phoned me Saturday evening and both were fine.
  • I received photos of Robert in the hairdressers where he works – not sure how good the quality is!
  • Also photos from Ivan of some of the clothes he has made – I’ll send him some hangers as they will look better on those!

All is well at George’s Place, the weather has been warm and sunny most days and the boys are enjoying the holidays. Thank you for all your love, prayers and support.

Love Jane x