26th November, 2017

Dear friends,
On Monday morning we received a telephone call from A Roche offering Anton a place on a training course they are running for the first two months of next year. We will, of course, take him to visit beforehand, it is too far for him to travel daily, so we will look for nearby accommodation for him. As you are probably aware A Roche is a worldwide Christian organisation working in conservation, environmental education and sustainable agriculture, we are so thankful for this opportunity for Anton and feel that this will be really good training for him. Later in the afternoon, we found Victor’s uncle who will help us to contact the father in Dubai, though there are a few family issues! (We have now thankfully had contact with the dad.)

On Tuesday, Godfrey’s cousins came, we were expecting his aunt but two young girls came so we have arranged a visit to the aunt later in the week to see if Godfrey can do an internship at a garage near the aunts home. Godfrey is an orphan and had lived with his elderly grandparents in a remote village before running to the streets of Kampala.

………’and be content with what you have, because God has said, never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.’ Hebrews 13 v 5

The minibus has had a service and new tyres and is now looking very smart – we went to KK Beach on Saturday afternoon in it.

Karo, from Emirates flight crew came and visited us on Tuesday afternoon. The boys were so happy to see her again, she is a regular visitor and will be coming again next week. She came with packets of Rowntrees fruit pastilles for all of us, which I am very fond of and the boys are getting a taste for. It’s grasshopper season here so the boys are enjoying eating these roasted – not something I’m getting a taste for!

The boys at home have been swimming a couple of times, walked to Munyonyo but weren’t allowed in as there is a convention going on in the grounds. They also visited KK beach one afternoon during the week, the weather has been wonderful, lots of sunshine and some breeze.

On Friday, Peace, Bob and I took Godfrey to his aunt who lives in one of the slum areas. She was only young but seemed very sensible, we realised Godfrey couldn’t be staying with her as she only has one room and there are 6 already staying there. We have agreed to rent a room for Godfrey nearby and he will start an internship at a nearby garage, if he does well they will give him a job. So giving thanks, just hope and pray he settles as the room is very basic, no electricity and water has to be collected.

Seven boxes arrived from the UK so great excitement – each boy could choose a couple of things – great if you have small or large feet – not many pairs of 5/6/7 sized trainers – if you have any in good condition please save them for me. It can be chaotic in the home with 17 boys – always noisy, except when we’re eating or TV is on but a good atmosphere and they’re all so thankful for a packet of sweets or a secondhand T-shirt.

With love and prayers.