Our boys in their new clothes

1st September, 2019

Dear friends,

Each week Bob goes shopping to Owino market for fruit, vegetables, rice etc. Last Monday, he took some of our boys with him to help! They enjoyed themselves – the market is near to where they lived on the streets. Others are asking to go with him next Monday.

Chantal came again this week to help the younger ones with their school homework – most of them have finished their ‘holiday package’ books now. There was a visit to the swimming pool on Wednesday, I stayed at George’s Place to type up accounts that afternoon. (Petra has had a baby girl). Asaph, Haruna, Kasita, Kodet and Shaffick have been going to church every day to sing and rehearse for a service at Namirembe Cathedral today (Saturday). They came back with a Medal!

“Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; ………….Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” Deuteronomy 11:18-19

Late Thursday afternoon we all went to the cinema to see ‘Lion King’, some had not been to Acacia Mall before and were anxious when they saw the escalator. Many of the boys have not experienced things we take for granted – even after the film the boys stood at the top of the escalator worried about stepping back on! We needed me to drive as well as there are so many of us. Evening driving in Kampala is challenging, with so many boda’s on the road and five young boys chatting away. There was a dispute going on at one point but Kodet remarked that they needed to stop in case I lost concentration!


  • Godfrey has safely returned.
  • Yusuf isn’t back yet – he must be happy being with his mum.
  • Derrick left yesterday afternoon to visit his father in the village for a few days.
  • Paul has been active in sewing trousers and mending T-shirts.
  • Tim made cakes, this week he took Shaffick, Young Brian and Big Brian to my house to teach them to bake (on different days) so we have been enjoying their efforts.
  • Anton phoned and sent photos of the store he has virtually finished building – just needs a door.

We couldn’t go to KK Beach today as it poured down all afternoon, the boys were kept active with drawing, colouring, card games, reading, marbles, etc. At tea time, accompanied by sodas and one of Tim’s cakes, we sat and discussed school reports, their good behaviour, and then asked about lessons we learned from the ‘Lion King’ film – some interesting thoughts! Joshua then led us in evening prayers.

There are many blessings seeing the older boys growing and maturing into nice young men (a few normal teenage problems – but no backchat!) The younger ones are always a pleasure to be with – full of energy, talkative, amusing – we love them all.

God continues to bless our work, thank you once again for your continued prayers, support and love.