25th February, 2018

Dear friends,

We are happy to welcome two new boys into George’s Place. On Thursday Bob and I went to a new outreach programme in Kisenyi and picked up two boys during the course of the morning, Ashlaf and another James. One of them may be going to be a bit of a handful but I feel certain once they have settled everything will be fine.

They have been registered with the police and probation office and only need to be registered with our local probation officer on Monday to apply for Court Orders. They have also been for medical checks and are receiving medication for a few slight problems.

‘But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.’ 2 Corinthians 4:7

Last Sunday Jackie and I went to church with the boys to St. Paul’s Katuuso and later met Kerrie the American nurse practitioner for lunch, she then came back to my home for tea and cake. She is only here for 5 weeks so we showed her the local supermarkets and where you can get good coffee which she appreciated.

Karo has visited twice this week, one night she stayed with us and another at the hotel. It’s been good to see her again and the boys are so fond of her.

Jackie has been working in the office looking at our policies and checking we have everything in order. She wasn’t too well one day and believes the smoked fish should have been avoided but is back to full strength now. One morning she and I went to a meeting of Crane, the organisation that brings NGOs working with street connected children together. A good number of the organisations were represented as we will be planning and attending the ‘International Day of the Street Child’ on 12th April.

The rest of the boys are fine, it’s encouraging to see the young ones who have just started school being able to speak a few sentences in English. Little Saviour didn’t even speak Luganda when he arrived, but obviously is picking this up as well, he looks so happy now and always seems to be smiling. He was able to welcome Jackie and Karo, saying ‘welcome and May God bless you’ in front of everyone. We also had the opportunity to be praying for our visitors and the new boys in our own languages which was very powerful and special.

We visited a Leonard Cheshire hospital on Saturday morning and took Joel with his parents to order a chair and standing apparatus for him. He had to be measured for these – it will take a couple of weeks for them to be made – hopefully, they will help. Of course, Saturday afternoon saw us down at KK beach with the boys who especially enjoyed the dancing today.

The lady renting the house next door is away at present but I will be contacting her again shortly, it really does feel the right way forward, but we are still praying about this and the implications of enlarging George’s Place.
The tomatoes Anton planted and the boys have been watering have been harvested.

With every blessing for a meaningful Lent