23rd September, 2018

Dear friends,

Paul and Simon Peter returned for vocational training last Sunday and later in the afternoon I met Karo at Munyonyo. As I had had very little/no water at my home for 5 days she invited me to have a wonderful shower in her hotel bathroom – never underestimate the luxury of hot, clean water! We later called at George’s Place as she had kindly brought Tshirts and sweets for the boys who were so pleased to see her (though we did get a power cut). They even remembered to pray for her brother Michael, Alex and Sylvia who came and visited for a few days last year.

‘So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41 v 10’

It was a quiet day on Monday with everyone back at school. Tuesday – Bob took the requirements – books, toilet rolls, brooms, pencils etc. to the school for them and checked on the new boys who have happily settled in and return home each day to busily wash their clothes and do their homework – they were hoping to collect their uniforms on Friday but this didn’t happen – they are made by the school.

Bob and I had a couple of days break in Nairobi as I needed to leave Uganda for 48hours so that I can drive legally (I can only drive for 3 months on my UK driving licence and as Bob will be going to Rukungiri for the next few weeks I needed to get this sorted out – Applying for an International Driving Licence is probably the easiest way to remain legal which I need to look into.

Whilst we were away Paul left the vocational school and returned home to George’s Place – we are not altogether sure what the problem is and are taking him back to Don Bosco on Monday to ascertain exactly what has gone wrong. He has seemed very quiet over the holidays and we did talk to him to see if anything was worrying him but he gave no indication that there were real problems, only that he and Simon Peter weren’t as good friends as they had been. (He achieved 60% in his last terms exams). Paul was one of our first boys in George’s Place and has been really good for the last three years – he might need to be reassured that we still care – with so many other boys now in the home he just might need more attention. Prayers please for him and for wisdom and understanding for us.

Our female rabbit has produced 5 little ones this week – I’m not sure if they will survive with all the attention they are getting from the boys. The chickens continue to multiply at an alarming rate but I know they will be reduced in number when I return to the UK and chicken will appear on the menu! It was such a lovely afternoon on Saturday that the boys wanted to go swimming instead of KK Beach, they had a good time and were reluctant to leave the water even at 6.30pm – Bob chased them with the net for cleaning the pool which they thought was great fun and didn’t really help the evacuation but eventually everyone got out. On arriving home they enjoyed sodas and little cakes – Saturdays are Special.

Looking forward to seeing many of you when I return.

Every blessing.