25th March, 2018

Dear friends,

I’m writing this at 6am on Sunday morning – I don’t know where the time has gone to this week! It’s just started pouring down with rain which could last for hours and the power has gone off – not a good start to the day as there will be no hot water yet again – trying to be positive and give thanks in all circumstances!

Augustine has been busy working on the outside perimeter wall of the extension which had a few cracks in, he also made a concrete plaque for us to have our name painted on. We have had painters in making good the wall where the gate has been made between the two properties and tidying up some of the places from general wear and tear so the compound is looking smart.

‘So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.’ Colossians 2:6-7

I’ve been working in the office most days but spent a couple of times at a local clinic and my doctors having Ashlaf checked out as he was complaining about a head wound he received before he arrived here – but all is well. Patrick has also been attending the clinic over the weekend as he suffers from stomach ulcers and a diet of posho and beans every day at boarding school hasn’t helped, he also lived on the streets for years sniffing jet fuel which has affected his health.

Bob was busy on Friday buying vegetables for a celebration party for our graduates at my home the following day. When he was in the market he called into the Kisenyi community hall and found Godfrey – thankfully he is now back with us. The boys from Meeting Point arrived for the weekend and Anton also came – so good to have everyone here (apart from Denis who we will visit at boarding school later today). 22 boys in George’s Place – quite noisy – it was Bob’s birthday so we had a small celebration on Friday evening with cake and sodas.

The graduate’s party went well – Tim’s aunt from the village came, staying a couple of nights and Samuel’s mum, aunt and friend also arrived. There were about 50 of us which included the staff and their families. There was of course food and cake, speeches, dancing and lots of excitement. The graduates are such an encouragement to the younger ones – late on Saturday evening when we were leaving George’s Place one of our fifteen-year-olds came and said he would like to start being considered for Vocational training so he can help his mum who is a widow and has two other children – they are starting to be realistic about their futures and seeing a way out of poverty for their families. More counselling, talk and prayer needed before we make decisions.

I imagine you are all getting ready for Easter but I haven’t seen an egg or anything else related to Easter in the shops yet. I did buy two ‘fresh’ palm leaves yesterday from a young boy selling them for 1,000UGX (20p). Life in Uganda continues to be interesting – patience is paramount – in banks, shops, doctors surgeries, traffic, with boys who continually want/need/expect, with the lack of help and support for the elderly and the poor, plus mosquitos buzzing around and no power, but God is in all of this and the blessings of 4 boys graduating, Tresor getting a permanent job, 23 boys lives being changed, birthday celebrations, a comfortable dry home, life and good health certainly outweigh the challenges.

With every blessing for a peace-filled Holy Week.