8th April, 2018

Dear friends,

The time seems to be flying by and this term.

It’s been a busy three months but lots has happened and the work continues to grow and develop. Thank you for all your loving prayers and support, we are aware of God’s leading and providence as we carry out our mission and appreciate all your involvement.

This week we took James to Tororo and found his mother who lives alone, she has six children, some grown up and others living with relatives. James was happy to see his mother but because of circumstances has returned to us for the foreseeable future and hopefully will be attending one of our local schools next term. Before we left we gave out children’s jumpers and baby clothes to nearby neighbours.

‘Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.’ Psalm 127 v 1.

Following the visit we drove to Mbale and the following morning distributed ‘fish and chip’ baby jumpers with hats and knitted dolls at the local hospital, the new mums and staff were really happy with all these gifts. I had problems in the Prem. unit as there were 41 babies in the room plus doctors, nurses, mums, dads and me with my large box, there was very little room to move around and I was surrounded my mums all excited for these beautifully knitted items, thankfully there were enough dolls for the babies but nurses and mums also wanted them!

Following this we called at CCP to collect the certificates for the boys who graduated. On our journey back to Kampala we bought oranges (that happen to be green in Uganda) and mangoes to take back for the boys. These were being sold along the country roads, and gave Bob the opportunity to give away some of the football tops that arrived recently, to the men selling fruit or looking after cows – they were absolutely thrilled.

Preparations continue for the International Day of the Street Child on the 12th April and we have attended meetings at the Ministry of Gender and Crane this week (followed by lunch – it’s the right thing to provide food after meetings!) to finalise details. We have asked for our boys to have permission to miss school that day so that they can also attend.

Saturday afternoon saw us back at KK Beach – we managed to squeeze 22 of us into the minibus and enjoyed badminton, football, bouncy castle, trampolines and dancing.

Anton hasn’t been well so has come home for a few days to attend the clinic. He arrived back with his gardening gloves and since being here has planted spinach and onions in troughs at the front of the extension – he is so keen on gardening – we have had to purchase a wheelbarrow, watering can, pots and seeds so hopefully we will benefit from his endeavours.

Thank you again for all your encouragement.

With love and prayers