22nd August, 2021

Dear friends,

Since last Thursday I’ve been staying at St. Mary’s Convent in Wantage on a few days retreat. On several occasions I have joined the nuns at their different ‘Offices’ throughout the day. The Guest Wing has recently been refurbished and I believe we probably are some of the first visitors. Jacqui made us very welcome as she showed us the en-suite rooms, refectory, lounge, chapel and gardens. There are only three guests staying – the food is extremely good and it’s been a helpful quiet time away.

I have heard from Flavia this week. Shadrach arranged for sacks of posho and beans, cooking oil and charcoal to be sent to her again as she is struggling to feed the children she looks after. She also sent me an update on Abdul, whom we helped recently with hospital fees for the operation on his leg, he has now started having physiotherapy.

‘Pray continually’ 1 Thessalonians 5v17

Sadly, I heard on Monday that Derrick’s mother had passed away, I am not sure of the details as we weren’t even aware that she was sick. Derrick’s father, who he is staying with had a stroke last December. I haven’t been able to contact Derrick – can I ask for prayers for him at this time.

Shadrach visited the Local Councillor 1, I am waiting to hear how the meeting went and if teachers will be allowed on site with the boys. Photographs have been sent me of Uncle Sam the Warden, obviously starting up lessons again and I have authorised for ‘Holiday Package’ books from school to be purchased for the boys to help them get back to studying. There has been no easing of the lockdown restrictions for schools, colleges or churches.

Paul, one of our older boys, who has an addiction problem has visited a psychiatric hospital as Peace and Shadrach are concerned about him. He is such a nice young lad and has always been very appreciative of our help. Please pray for him. He has done well in his tailoring course but is aware that he needs help. These are difficult times for youngsters especially to be locked in so much of the time.

Ken Mdoe, who is on our Management Committee and a bank signatory, is returning to the U.K. at the beginning of September and I am planning to meet up with him and receive first hand information on the situation in Uganda.

I didn’t get an opportunity to talk with the boys this week but hopefully on Monday or Tuesday I’ll spend sometime catching up with them. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Love Jane