17th January, 2019

Dear friends,

Jackie and I took Patrick and Derrick back to Meeting Point on Tuesday afternoon for them to resume their Welding Course. Paul came with us as he has started a Tailoring Course. We have had to return to the school a couple of times since then as there are always so many requirements – we couldn’t fit everything into the car the first trip and then they had forgotten a couple of things but hopefully, now they are settled!

All the boys came to my home on Monday evening, to help celebrate my birthday with jam sandwiches, ice cream and cake. Jackie organised silly games with prizes which they enjoyed. My friends Sue and Diana also joined us.

‘…………….so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.’ Colossians 2 v 2-3

On Thursday I had a shock as the landlord of the main house sent his representative to advise me that they are increasing the rent to nearly double the amount we are paying at present – this has really upset me as we have made so many improvements to the property and are at present decorating the outside latrines – I shall contact the landlord and express my disbelief at this high increase.

Jackie, Sam and the boys went off swimming that afternoon whilst I remained; it’s Julius, our security guard’s, day off and we never leave the house unattended. On Friday morning Jackie went and taught at a local International school.

We have been kept busy this week as we have been sorting out school requirements for all the rest of the boys, and checking that their school shoes and school bags are all in good order. Emma and Simon Peter continue working at the welding business and leave early each morning – I haven’t had a chance to visit them at work but they don’t seem to be having any problems. Kasita arrived back on Monday afternoon, he had a good Christmas with his grandfather and extended family; his uncle, who brought him back, reported he had been looking forward to returning to George’s Place and school. Only Victor and little James are still with their families and returning in the next few days. When we visited KK Beach on Saturday afternoon Musumba dislocated one of his fingers whilst playing football so I rushed him to the Clinic and the doctor treated him immediately, he will be fine.

We are giving thanks to the Lord as following Tim’s practical interview, (cooking fish) he has been offered baking work at a supermarket and began on Saturday – hopefully, he will be strong enough to work 6 days a week, prayers for him, please.

With love and prayers.