27th September, 2020

Dear friends,

Harry is about to finish his Sponsored Challenge of Reading 36 books during the months of August and September. Today in church I will be presenting Harry with a small gift from Homes of Promise and a photograph of the boys with a thank you message. I am not sure of the exact amount Harry has raised but know it is over £1,500. The Trustees, staff and boys want to say a ‘Big Thank You to Harry’ for promoting awareness of our work, raising money and for his caring heart for the boys at George’s Place – his efforts will go to pay school fees/vocational training fees when the schools reopen. Schools will open on 15th October for candidate classes and finalist students but for other students, they are not scheduled to open until next January.

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’” Matthew 19:14

This week the boys have again enjoyed their art classes, especially making the enormous thank you message. They have received homeschooling from teacher Francis and are all fit and well. Everything is running well at George’s Place, I believe it is much quieter in the evenings now the older boys have moved into their own accommodation, some of the younger boys are still staying with relatives but will hopefully be returning shortly. The barber also came this week to shave the boy’s heads!

I spoke to Peace on Saturday morning and next week her and Shadrach will visit Asaph, Young Brian and also visit Big Brian’s family. Peace had a meeting with the Probation Officer this week and has asked a government official that she knows if there is any way I could be in isolation for two weeks in my home rather than a hotel when I return to Uganda – I am not sure this will be allowed but we can only ask!

More packages have arrived safely in Uganda and the writing pads were in one of the consignments. I also took another box for shipment this week. Thank you to everyone who has given T-shirts, trainers etc. and for the large box of Lego which the boys will love – though might need careful monitoring to ensure that pieces don’t go missing.

Thank you for your continued love and support for all our boys.

Love Jane