4th February, 2018

Dear friends,

It’s been a really warm and sunny week. I collected Peace on Monday morning and her and I went to buy all the fresh fruit and vegetables for the week. It’s interesting walking around the market – unfortunately I stand out – as we walk around everyone wants to speak to the ‘Muzungu’ and get ‘her’ to buy their produce. It seemed to take ages, discussing the prices and then hiring a young boy to take the things back to the car where William is waiting to pack them.

Ole returned again on Wednesday with Tess one of the Aircrew, she came from Watford. We had a really enjoyable time with them and we walked to see the boys playing football on the ‘field’ before returning for tea and samosas Tim had made. Walking around the area is eye-opening as even in Kampala so many people live without running water or electricity in their homes and the smallest of children run with Jerry cans and struggle back carrying water. The side roads are dirt tracks, uneven, dusty and shared with goats, chickens, dogs even the odd cow with horns. Such a contrast from life in Dubai or London!

‘But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven……………..For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’ Matthew 6v20/21.

Tim has started to help with the cooking as he is more than capable. This week he has helped Gorette but she is having next Monday and Tuesday off work so Tim is going to cook for us all then. It will only be the staff at lunch time as the boys are back at school but they will need supper which is serious cooking! We’re paying him!

The boys have been kept busy this week, cleaning the house, washing their clothes and catching up with homework they have had for the last 6 weeks to complete but it seems to be being done at the last minute. Ole kindly brought us some DVD’s so after lunch before football they are being allowed to watch a film – in the heat of the day. Mr. Bean is featuring today!

We had another visitor on Friday, Christine, an American lady who I met at Kampala International Church. She is an architect and has started an NGO who are supporting children and women in the slum area of Katwe to be making jewellery to export.

We are looking into supplying a chair and apparatus for Joel so that he can sit and stand comfortably – he is so happy as you will see from the photo.

Saturday we enjoyed our visit to KK beach – trampolining, badminton, volleyball, football, sodas – a bit of dancing – all good fun!

So another week over – with so much sun you feel you should be sitting by a swimming pool and sipping fruit cocktails – but so such luck – I’m sorting out arguments and noisy boys – and loving it!

With love and prayers