16th September, 2018

Dear friends,

This week Gorette our cook has been off sick and instead of Halima our weekend cook coming each day, the older boys and Flavia have been preparing the meals and keeping the outside kitchen ‘spic and span’. One morning Augustine and Anton cooked ‘Rolex’ a chapati filled with an omelette and rolled – they were delicious and very filling. It was quite an achievement cooking so many chapatis and omelettes on charcoal stoves. Another afternoon Paul and Simon Peter made cookies that they deep fried ready to take back to Vocational training on Sunday. The older boys have really been kept busy with cooking and everyone has enjoyed their efforts

‘You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.’ Isaiah 26 v3

We did manage to take the boys swimming one afternoon but the rain has continued most of the week. The school requirements are here for all the boys returning to school on Monday. (This includes our four newest boys – Haruna, Charles, Keseeta and Joshua.) We also visited KK Beach Saturday afternoon and Flavia had a birthday during the week so another cake was consumed!

Asaph was collected by Bob, Friday afternoon, from the taxi park in central Kampala where he had been dropped off. Unfortunately Asaph’s father had not notified us of his son’s imminent return and the taxi driver telephoned unexpectedly to say Asaph was in Kampala – Bob suggested the conductor took him to a local police post so he could collect him from there as it would take a while to drive into Kampala (Friday traffic can be terrible) but when Bob arrived at the taxi park he couldn’t locate Asaph and spent a couple of hours checking the local police posts looking for him -thankfully eventually finding him. Bob then had to return to the taxi park in the early evening to collect Big Shaffick, but with no problems this time. Little James has still not arrived back yet – but we are expecting him before school starts!

Flavia gave all the younger boys a school holiday test and they sat quietly one morning trying their best to answer the questions. Whilst this was happening we had visitors from the KCCA (Kampala City Council Authority) who are inspecting all properties in Kampala – measuring the compound areas and registering the owners/landlords – to enable them sort out a system of numbering houses and naming roads – a major task.

I shall be returning to the UK on 10th October and we have a Homes of Promise Celebration booked for the 18th October – I do hope some of you will be able to come along. We have so much to be thanking God for over the past year – for the way the work has flourished and grown and for the changes that are happening in the boys lives.

With love and blessings.