8th July, 2018

Dear friends,

We have three new boys, Charles, Kisenti and Haranu, not sure I’ve spelt some of their names correctly. I went out with Diana on Thursday evening and she told me Shadrack had found a boy at the Outreach Programme who they had cleaned up but that he should be in somewhere as he had a really bad skin rash. Bob found the boy Friday morning and of course, he had two friends who wanted to come as well. They seem to be settling in and although two of them are receiving treatment from our local clinic they are happy.

‘Restore us, O God; make your face shine on us……….’ Psalm 80: 3a

So we have a full house! (15 younger ones, plus 3 older ones who are looking for work having finished their vocational courses.) We also have 5 at Vocational Schools (boarding) and one at boarding school.

The younger boys collected 5 bags of charcoal after school one evening, they took the wheelbarrow down the road, loaded the charcoal one bag at a time, then took it in turns to struggle pushing it up hill back home – lots of laughter and covered in black dust but all good fun in showing how strong they are.

Godfrey one of the older boys (an orphan) has been helping around the house, cleaning the compound, the house and helping with the boys and the cooking. We paid him a little money and he sent his grandmother 20,000UGX (£4) and she was absolutely thrilled.

Thursday morning Bob and I attended a meeting organised by SASCU, where representatives from the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, the KCCA, (Kampala Capital City Authority) probation officers, police and NGO’s working with street connected children came together to see how we can best resettle the boys.

Saturday morning was visiting day at Don Bosco Vocational Training School so we visited Paul and Simon Peter, who are doing well, settling down to work and learning plenty about plumbing. I treated them to a skateboard and helmet as there is a large basketball court that is used for skateboarding as well. I’m sure they’ll soon become proficient.

So another busy week. Tresor has been staying with me some of the week as he attended an ‘Introduction’ followed by the wedding a couple of days later.

Please continue praying for our work especially the new boys.

With love and prayers.