31st January, 2021

Dear friends,

Last Monday morning the staff had a meeting which went on for about 3 hours! I would have liked to join them but couldn’t get through. Very frustrating!

However, on Wednesday I had a Zoom meeting with the staff and the boys for two hours. We lost the connection twice as Shadrach moved the laptop from office to office and then into the lounge but we quickly got reconnected. It was so good to be able to speak with everyone and to catch up with all that is happening there. It has been difficult with emails and messenger to really understand and talk with the boys – it made my day to have an update on so many of them and to hear their news. Sam told me they are allowed to go and play football – he says the pitch is rather overgrown with weeds so I suggested they take the pangas and slash it – the older boys could do it quite easily and quickly – good exercise. Peace has been unwell with a chest infection but is on the mend and back at work – I also spoke with Julius our security guy and Gorette the cook. Ivan has arrived back and he was full of smiles when I spoke to him – he is usually very serious, he had been to stay with his mother for a couple of weeks, sadly she is very unwell.

‘Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.’ Ephesians 4v32

Another box arrived from the U.K. so Shadrach collected that from Salabed.

The younger boys have been busy having lessons with Teacher Frances and they have been tie-dying t-shirts in the Art classes – not sure it looks much of a success but they will probably be pleased them – rather pink! Mentioned this to Shadrach and he assures me the tie-dying isn’t finished and won’t be for a couple of weeks so I presume more colours will be added. The young boys are all fine. Some of the older ones want to be out working as the vocational colleges haven’t gone back yet and they are fed up sitting around. The staff promised to be looking for a salon for Shaffick to finish his hairdressing training – this is beginning to look a better way forward and also for Asaph to go to the local carpentry workshop. I had an email from the American lady at Connect Africa where Haruna started on the plumbing and welding course last January – but they haven’t started back yet.

A photograph of Augustine came through from Shadrach so I presume he met him along the road not far from George’s Place.

I have also been in touch with Ken this week and he has kindly been available to sign our cheques – please do continue to hold him and his two daughters in your prayers – they are still in Uganda with him.

Keep well and safe – I imagine some of you will have had the vaccination by now – I’m having mine Sunday (today).

With love and prayers.