9th July, 2017

Dear friends,

Last Sunday Peace and I went and visited Patrick and Emma at their vocational training school. They were very happy to see us and Patrick said ‘I didn’t know school could be so good’. Their teacher confirmed that they were working well on the welding course and had settled in though had run out of sugar for their tea! I gave a ‘lecture’ on the need to only be taking one spoonful in a cup – we had given them a kilo each when they started at the school two weeks ago, but they have had nothing sweet to eat and were probably sprinkling it on bread! On Sunday we took cooked food, biscuits, sodas, gnuts and cakes as well and left them some small pocket money.

The weather has been very wet this week but hopefully will stay dry for the Birthday Party on Saturday that we have been planning (as very few of the boys know the dates of their birth we have decided to give them a joint party every year) major cleaning took place on Friday.

‘As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. The one who guards a fig tree will eat its fruit, and whoever protects their master will be honoured.’ Proverbs 27 v17

My desk has returned to the carpenter as lots of woodworm holes appeared on the top! Tim has been busy giving me a lesson in making samosas, not easy cooking on a skillet on a charcoal stove where you could easily get burnt. Patrick and Emma arrived home for the weekend Friday afternoon but Patrick was whizzed off to the clinic and has a bad bout of malaria – I’m not sure they are using the mosquito nets at school.

Saturday was an extremely busy day. The marquee arrived and went up, my sound system blared forth music all morning so lots of dancing as we got ready. A large sign hung from the roof and at the corner of the main road giving directions. About 80 people came, the local curate, plus Revd. James who is on the Management Committee, and Revd. John and Joyce who I travelled to Kitgum with last year, Sue Parks our guest of honour (who is a new trustee), Connie from St. James Clapham who is in Uganda at present, the doctor from the clinic who treats the boys, some of the boys parents/relatives and families of the staff. Also Lyn from ‘Hearts Vision’ and a couple who are visiting their project for Street children. The sun shone but not too brightly and everyone enjoyed a feast that Halima and her friends had prepared. Tim’s samosas were also appreciated. There was even enough food to feed the men on the building site next door! There were prayers, the curate spoke about Moses being rescued from the Nile by Pharaoh’s daughter and related it to the boys, there were speeches and of course birthday cake. The boys introduced themselves, young Tim spoke about how he had been rescued two years ago when Tresor and I picked him from the streets and took him to the hospital as he was so ill and then home with me where he stayed for 6 months before coming to George’s Place and for vocational training. It was a very Happy Celebration and I was exhausted when I eventually got home.

So now I’m preparing to come back at the end of this week. It’s been a busy six months here (apart from my 2-week break in May) lots has been achieved and God is blessing our work in amazing ways. Of course, there will always be problems/hiccoughs – but we give thanks to God that 18 boys are taking the opportunity to change their lives and are growing into very special young men! I love them all!

Looking forward to seeing you or talking to you soon.

Love and blessings.