8th August, 2015

Dear friends,

Last Monday afternoon we collected Dr. Will Dean from the airport and drove to Mbarara where we met up with Dr Jocelyn Cherry and David Johnson (David from Medisoft, they had arrived the previous Thursday) who are running the ophthalmic project on simulation eye techniques for glaucoma operations. First thing Tuesday Bob and I visited the maternity ward at Mbarara hospital and gave out more of the baby clothes the Mothers’ Union had knitted. The ward was packed with mums and babies, some on mattresses on the floor, but we found three women who had lost their babies – it must have been so difficult for them being surrounded by all these new arrivals.

We then went to MUST (Mbarara University of Science and Technology) and sat in with the doctors/professor as Dr Will talked with them about what would be happening over the next few days, gave out copies of his book, scalpels, sutures, other medical instruments, simulated eyes etc. ……… lots of questions/answers, discussion, Halibo’s for those answering correctly! – a really good atmosphere, everyone engaging, really interesting. Homes of Promise are funding this pilot scheme which I believe is very worthwhile, more info to follow. The 5 of us went out to supper at a local restaurant in the evening, good company and the food was better than at the hotel where we were staying.

Bob and I made our way to Rukungiri late on Wednesday morning, calling into the children’s village where Ben and Doreen met us. We were welcomed, played games with the children for an hour before driving to Riverside and settling in. The next day I was fortunate enough to call and see the house HoP had recently finished and meet the family, I also visited my sponsored child Grace with Ben and then went back to the CV where another of my sponsored children, Penelope has recently moved into. It felt like a holiday being away from Kampala in the beautiful countryside – a lovely warm relaxing day that I really enjoyed.

‘My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore I will rather glory in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest on me.’ 2 Corinthians 12 v 9

Back to Mbarara early Friday morning to collect the doctors and drive them back to a hotel near Entebbe for their Saturday flights home – a packed car with another chicken I had been given + 20 pineapples (cost about £3) and bags of advocados. On driving to Mbarara we noticed a car travelling in the same direction with Dan (an American vet I met last year when I travelled to Karamoja with his organisation), on stopping at roadworks we arranged to stop further along the road. Dan had been down to Bwindi working with the Batwa people (Pygmy tribe) running a rabbit project – strangely enough I knew about this project from Obed the Ranger who took me on the walk to the waterfalls when I visited Bwindi with James and Rebecca but didn’t know it was run by CLIDE!

The doctor telephoned to say the histology report had come back and Antony may have a very rare skin cancer further tests need to be done – Homes of Promise are arranging appointments for this. Obviously we are all very concerned. Retrak are trying to contact his father, who had said he didn’t want anything to do with Antony but we are hoping he will change his mind. We would really appreciate your prayers for Antony.

Tresor telephoned late Friday when I returned and said the Meals for Kids project had gone well this week with lots of boys attending and visitors – Becky and her friend were there on Wednesday and Caleb also went along. Tresor had also called to see Antony, we arranged to go and see him after church Sunday.
Today I will collect the children after I’ve done some shopping. Another busy week full of blessings. I’m looking forward to catching up with you when I return at the beginning of September.

Love and prayers.