7th November, 2015

Dear friends,

Well the rain continues, the loo still isn’t fixed and even I think it’s cold here, but we are thankful for God’s provision of rain to water the ground and swell the harvest (the mango tree in the compound is laden with fruit), I’m becoming adapt at flushing the toilet with buckets of water and the house is dry and warm. Giving thanks.  There are many here who are suffering with the cold and wet, living in leaking accommodation, near rubbish tips and trying to light damp charcoal stoves to get a warm drink let alone cook a handful of rice, all done with a smiling face and not letting on to anyone just how difficult life is.

I managed to go and see the English doctor from church on Tuesday as I had a few aches and pains after my ‘accident’. He is amusing, has been here 35 years has an amazing surgery open to all, even the street children.  If I had pains before I went these were possibly doubled by the time I left having been literally pulled in all directions – nothing broken just bruised!  Giving thanks.

Sue and Geoff (a friend of hers visiting from the UK) came to the Meals for Kids Project on Monday, Geoff is a singer and got the boys up on their feet singing and moving, they’re wonderful at responding to everyone.  He also spoke French well and the children from DRC wanted to take them to see their mother, so we visited again.

We finally found a place in Ggaba for street boys to stay, once registered. We’re calling it ‘Georges place’. This week mattresses have arrived, beds are ordered, table and benches being made and household items bought. On Saturday the children, Barbra and I are going to clean, don’t know how successful that will be and hope not too many downpours.

‘He heals the broken in heart, and binds up their wounds……………Great is our Lord and mighty in power…………….The Lord upholds the humble.’ 

Psalm 147 v3-6

I visited Peace on Thursday, Catherine had sold so much of the local jewellery Peace had given me I needed to go and sort out money with her. Bp. Michael prayed for the work of Homes of Promise and especially the new home, it was good to catch up with them both. Also called at Mission of Hope, Sarah’s little school, I have been invited to their graduation day towards the end of the month which I hope to go to.  Sarah is making such a difference to many of the children’s lives, she’s so warm, loving and full of life.  Kevin the little boy who was badly burnt by a relative and is Down’s syndrome is growing up fast and really confident now.  Giving thanks for Sarah and all she is doing.

The election campaigns are underway, people are out supporting their candidates, lorries carrying supporters travel around Kampala blaring out messages, roads can be blocked, I had thought traffic bad before but now it can take hours if you’re in the wrong place, thankfully Bob knows lots of alternative routes.  Everything is amicable and friendly so far, praying this continues.

I went to Meals for Kids on Friday, a street boy was there, 14yrs. HIV positive, an orphan and hasn’t been taking any medication, he is ill, Tresor and I took him to the hospital and he has to return on Monday, his name is Timothy, do please be praying for him; it looks like he might be the first street boy to be registered in our home at Ggaba. (Staying with me).

Love and prayers.