1st August, 2015

Dear friends,

Life in Kampala is interesting, in the early hours of Sunday morning I awoke as something was on my hair, initially I thought it was a gecko but then realised they stay on the walls – turned over and went back to sleep, on waking at 7am I found I had been sleeping with a rat! Jumped out of bed and out of the bedroom and waited for Barbra to wake up – we then tried to kill it (I don’t really like killing things but it was running up curtains, along curtain poles, under the bed – everywhere, eventually I called Brian in and he disposed of it quickly. My hero of the week!

I was back early morning walking with Betty on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to the top of Tank Hill which has great views over the city of Kampala, the best time of the day to walk as the weather has been hot.

Antony who had the tumour removed had hospital appointments (on the same days as the early morning walks) he is doing well and the swelling is reducing, he seems much happier. This was followed by the Meals for Kids Project each day.

On Tuesday I visited Mulago Hospital to collect the CT scan report for Scovia and tried to deliver the baby clothes the Mothers’ Union had knitted but the person who’s authority I needed was not about so I’ll have to go back another time. We then went to collect Scovia to take her back to Mengo Hospital but sadly she had left the home and has gone back on the streets – we did try to find her but to no avail, Joseph from Peace for Children Africa is also involved in looking – so prayers please.

‘Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today.’ Exodus 14 v 13

In the afternoon I went to see a project called ‘Doors’, working with street children, not far from my home, in Gaba, this was only started about 4 years ago by three young American girls all in their 20’s, they have a small school and home for about 20 boys. Melanie one of the founders showed us around and also took us to a house they have purchased to entertain visitors/volunteers from America. They are in the process of constructing a volleyball court, bakery, pigsties, chicken run, carpentry workshop and vegetable garden offering the boys different life skills. Over the last few weeks we have visited different NGO’s working with street children and it’s been beneficial to see what works and what doesn’t!

Dr Will Dean (Ophthalmologist) and his team of doctors from Bristol arrive on Monday, they are running a pilot scheme to train local ophthalmologists in new procedures for operating on glaucoma which Homes of Promise are sponsoring. During their stay we hope 10 people will receive their sight back, this will take place in Mbarara so I’m looking forward to seeing their work and possibly having the opportunity to spend a day in Rukungiri at BoHCM (Bridge of Hope).

The time seems to be flying by and only another month and I’ll be returning home for a holiday. There seem to be so many blessings and so much to be thankful for each day but also difficulties. Last Sunday after church Tresor came with me to visit Anton and we played a catching game with some of the boys for about an hour, trying to catch each other out – they really enjoyed that.

I have taken myself to a hotel for the weekend as I felt I was in need of a break, the room has views over Lake Victoria and a boat trip is included. Last night for supper I had king prawns and salad followed by crepe suzettes – real treat. Only problem was a fire alarm went off in the night and the reception kept telephoning me!
Looking forward to catching up with you all. Thank you for the prayer support and emails.