25th July, 2015

Dear friends

We found a young girl who had been badly beaten up and took her to a clinic where she stayed for three days (paid for by Homes of Promise). Before going to a home run by Peace for Children Africa. On Monday morning we collected Scovia from the home and took her to a local clinic for further blood tests, following this we went to official offices where they interviewed her to try and find out as much information as possible about her past life. We then went to Mengo hospital and waited…………. Scovia might have a broken jaw – she was (apparently) in a boda accident and not beaten up as we originally thought!

Antony was due to be admitted to the Platinum clinic in the afternoon to undergo the removal of the tumour on his face, Scovia and Joseph waited at Mengo and Bob and I went and collected Antony and the Retrak nurse and took them to the clinic. On returning to Mengo at 5pm we found them waiting for a CT scan, we then found it couldn’t be done as the machine had broken down the previous week!  The doctor who ordered it obviously didn’t know and they had waited 2 hours in the X-ray department – even paid for the scan!  Tuesday morning we visited Antony, who looked very poorly following his operation, we took Scovia with us to see if she could have a CT scan there but they didn’t have a machine.  Antony’s surgeon assessed Scovia  and gave us a letter to take to Mulago hospital (Government hospital) for the scan – although we had to pay and wait a couple of hours at least the scan was done – we are now awaiting the written results to take back to Mengo hospital.  Each day I have visited Antony, who really looks bad, his face and lips are very swollen and he cannot open his left eye, he really isn’t happy!  Please be praying for him – we do not know if the tumour was malignant, the doctor has said the operation was not as straightforward as he had hoped and felt local medicine practices had been carried out at some previous time.

Sirage is much better, has finished his daily visits to the hospital to have the wound dressed and looks well.  He came to see me at the Meals for Kids Project and reluctantly returned my iPod!

This week I did manage to call at Sarah’s ‘Mission of Hope’ school on Tuesday to take 5 bags of cement from Homes of Promise for finishing off one of the classroom’s walls.  Also met Ishmael Welsh – professional footballer from the UK who was playing football with some of the boys at PFCA.

The chickens/rooster are all looking much better – hope we’ll get some eggs soon and chicks!  I was in Mbale last Saturday with Peace and on my return the children who had been at home with Barbra all day wanted to stay the night so the weekend was busy and noisy!  I did manage to buy some small plants for the garden today so am off to plant them now.  I  also visited Gaba this week to buy fresh fish from Lake Victoria – delicious tilapia.

‘But those who hope in the Lord, will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.’ Isaiah 40 v 31

I’m looking forward to Dr. Will Dean and his team coming at the end of the month and travelling with them to Mbarara for the simulated eye training programme they are running for local Ophthalmologists in new procedures for glaucoma operations that Homes of Promise are funding.

Each evening on returning home I seem to collapse in a heap after bathing.  I really appreciate Barbra’s company and the opportunity to talk over some of the issues of the day.

I do hope you are all enjoying some good summer weather and getting time for holidays.

With love and best wishes.



PS We collected Antony from hospital on Friday afternoon and he is settled in the sick bay at Retrak who are taking care of him.  We will collect him on Monday as he needs to see the doctor  every other day next week.