14th August, 2022

Dear friends,

This week we have rented an office space, this was planned before we moved George’s Place to Garuga. It has taken time as we didn’t feel we could move George’s Place and the office all at once. The new office is to be in a purpose built block of offices/shops and will be ideal and purposeful for our needs. Security is included in the rent and there is plenty of parking space, this has worked out well as the rent was due on the little house in Ggaba at the end of the month.

Griffin returned to the village on Monday as his grandfather is sick and the family asked for him to go. He arrived safely.

“Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:13‬

Boxes arrived from the U.K. with T-shirts from ‘Ware Joggers’, The boys, in the home at the moment, were given two each, the others will receive theirs when they return. They were really happy as each t-shirt had a different number on so these were all listed and the boys won’t be mixing up their shirts!

Ziwa has a room to move into. He has been working on building sites and cleaning at the hotel this week and is happy to be earning money, helping him to become more independent. We are hoping he will start helping in the hotel kitchen soon. Ian spoke with him about money management and we are looking at ways to help him budget and save! He’s a really nice lad, brilliant at chess but has difficulty with reading and writing – very street wise though and has a great sense of humour.

We have a new boy, Charles. The Ministry of Gender sent him to us via the American Embassy. I am not fully aware of the situation, but apparently he was abandoned in a hotel by an American citizen who has left Uganda. This obviously needs looking into but they tell me he seems a nice lad and is getting on well with our boys, probably aged about 15 yrs but telling Tresor he is 18 yrs!

The boys have been out and about this week exploring the area with Tresor and Benard, they found a football academy and watched some boys playing football. They also enjoyed paddling and skimming stones on Lake Victoria, it’s so much cleaner than at Ggaba, and found a track for motorbike scrambling. Denis has been at school all week though, studying for exams and Kasita and Musumba will also be going back to school shortly to study for their forthcoming exams.

I’m away at a Convent for a couple of days so haven’t had the chance of talking with the boys this weekend but will hopefully catch-up with them on Monday afternoon.

Thank you for all your prayers and I look forward to seeing some of you on 4th September.

Love Jane