21st August, 2022

Dear friends,

The boys finished digging the vegetable plot and have planted seeds for carrots, peppers, spring onions, aubergines, coriander, sukuma and chard this week. Things grow really well and quickly in Uganda. I will take a few more packets of seeds with me when I return, they have asked for tomatoes and cauliflower.

Tresor and Augustine went on Tuesday to clean the new office, the move is planned to take place this coming Monday. Augustine is staying at George’s Place for a couple of nights this weekend and then helping with the move.

‘Other seeds fell on good soil and produced grain, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.’ Matthew 13v8

Last Sunday was a busy day as Godfrey moved into his new room and some of the boys helped him carry his bed and belongings. He seems really happy to be there and has some work on a building site for the next month. (Sam at the hotel called this Saturday morning and said he had work for him, so Tresor went off to find him.) Godfrey has been catching fish in Lake Victoria for his supper, they’re not very big but hopefully they taste fine.

Sula went to stay with his mother, last Sunday. Peace took Dan to stay with his family in the village. She reported that the parents were very appreciative of the help we had given in supplying the iron sheets for their new home, they have started digging the latrine pit but there has been heavy rains and it was dangerous to dig a 15’ hole. Omoding has also gone to stay with his mother for a couple of weeks.

Charles, the new lad is settling in well and someone from the American Embassy arrived on Wednesday and brought him a new pair of trainers. I had an opportunity of speaking with him on Saturday morning, when I spoke to all the boys. He is hoping to return to America!

Griffin is back from the village and tells me his grandfather’s health is improving. In my conversations with the boys and Tresor, I suggested that we help Denis’ mother to visit as Denis is at day school studying for his exams and hasn’t had an opportunity of seeing her since his brother’s death.

The boys have been out and about exploring and enjoying the area, they seem to have found some climbing frames and swings and also visited the Football Academy a few times and played with the boys training there.

It was lovely speaking with the boys who were at George’s Place, they all go back to school or college at the beginning of September but are enjoying a few weeks break. Thank you for all your love and support.

Love Jane