7th August, 2022

Dear friends,

The younger boys have broken up from school this week. They haven’t as yet got their school reports but some came back with their ‘holiday packages’ (school work that has to be done during the holidays). Tresor and Benard have to go one day next week to hear from the teachers and collect the Reports.

Asaph returned on Friday from his Carpentry Course at Don Bosco and had an excellent end of term Report. I am really pleased for him. When he came to us he had never been to school and had only looked after cows before running to the streets. He has quite a strong character, very determined, has his own sense of fashion and loves music and singing. Hopefully we can find him an apprenticeship at the end of the year. Dennis and Kodet, also arrived back from boarding school this week and Johnson and Kasita, who have been staying at the office this term. I spoke with the older boys Saturday afternoon after swimming.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever.” ‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭13:8‬ ‭

We have heard from Dan’s family and they have finished filling the walls with mud and moved into their new home. One of their neighbours kindly took some photographs and sent them to us, it is good to know they now have somewhere to stay. I believe the father is now digging a pit latrine that we will help with. This family have so little yet are always generous with the food they have grown.

Our boys have started digging a small garden at George’s Place with Patrick our security man’s help. They are going to start planting sukuma, beans and tomatoes. Some of our boys know all about growing food, especially Yusuf who is a keen gardener.

I asked about the rabbit this week to check she was still around and hear she is pregnant! There was a bill a couple of weeks ago for 2,000UGX as a mating fee!

We gave the local clinic that the boys attend, some of our new knitted baby clothes and jumpers, Isaiah one of the doctor’s has sent us some photographs of these being given to local residents who are in need. Thank you to all our knitters, Benard will take them some more next week.

I received the New Testaments from the Gideon’s and have now sent these off with a case full of T-shirts, shorts, a few pairs of trainers and playing cards. Many thanks.

Tresor has found a room to rent for Godfrey who is going into independent living. It’s not far from George’s Place – Godfrey often helps with cooking for the boys and also at the local hotel. We are hoping that the chef at the hotel will help him improve his skills. He is a good worker but not good at money management, your prayers please for him, he is an orphan and recently lost his grandmother.

Thank you for all your love, support and kindness.