14th October, 2019

Dear friends,

I’ve been away for a few days break and am now returning to Uganda. I’ve been staying with Karo in Dubai and Friday visited City Lights Church and met up with some of her friends and shared about our work. Jenny was also there, she has stayed with me in Uganda. After the service, I was blessed with prayer ministry and fellowship and a number of us went out to lunch. It’s been an amazing couple of days away and I’m returning feeling tired but refreshed.

The boys are all fine. Wednesday was Independence Day and Bob and I visited Dennis at school, he seems to be settling in well and we had an opportunity to speak with one of his teachers. He enjoyed chicken and chips in the car as it had rained. Later in the afternoon, we took the boys to KK Beach as they had a day off school.

‘I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord’ Jeremiah 30 v17

Tony, who ran from us a year ago, and whom we subsequently found at the International Day of the Street Child in April, and returned him to his mother, arrived at our gates on Tuesday evening. He looked exhausted. He had been in a Detention Centre. He has lots of problems, is a refugee from DRC, and has had some tragic events occur in his life. He stayed for the night and his mother and stepbrother arrived the next day for us to talk to them all. After a long discussion, we agreed that Tony stayed with us for a month to see how he settles and to make sure that he doesn’t disrupt our other boys. So we are really full now!

The new boys have been making themselves busy and Uncle Sam and Chantal have been helping them with reading and maths. They are no trouble. Sula’s sister arrived one afternoon. She had contacted the Ministry of Gender, as she was looking for him, and they had sent her to us. He was pleased to see her and her baby. He spoke to his mother on the phone, she is in Saudi Arabia working.

Unfortunately last Monday I had an accident and my feet were burnt with cooking oil, they had been healing well but they swelled up on the flight back and then my dear dog, Peanut, was so excited to see me he jumped on my feet breaking the blisters so this morning I’m sitting in Dr Stockley’s clinic waiting to see him. But I’m fine.

Ole and some of the Emirates crew had collected lots of T-shirts, trainers, shorts and socks for the boys, who were delighted with them – not many things for the bigger boys but I received an email this morning with someone offering larger T-shirts – God just keeps on blessing us.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

With love