Latest fundraising event 3rd November, 2019

Jesus Church, Forty Hill – Sunday lunch in aid of Homes of Promise, 3rd November following 10.30am service

27th October, 2019

Dear friends,

It’s another Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting at KK Beach by the bouncy castle and trampolines. Martin and Mike his son, are sitting by me – we occasionally have to sort the boys out who are getting very boisterous on the bouncy castle – their game is getting rougher and rougher – but they’ll soon get tired and quieten down. Some are doing somersaults on the trampolines and I’m continually called to appreciate their skills. The music is really loud – as are the boys – and we are probably in the quietest spot!

“Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31

Martin and Mike arrived yesterday morning and we took them in the afternoon to see Derrick (welding) as it was Visiting Day for him at the vocational training institute. We saw some of the things he has been working on – notice board and gate panels and enjoyed being shown around. This is part of Meeting Point but set in a rural location off the Hoima Road. His teacher said he received 88% in the midterm examination and his final exam will be taken in a few week’s time. They are only putting him forward for the practical exam as he has missed so much schooling, although his spoken English is very good now. We will look for an internship for him beginning in January.

Last Sunday Bob and I visited Paul (tailoring) and Shaffick (hairdressing) at the local Meeting Point for their Visitation Day. Paul had made so many things – children’s dresses, blouses, shorts, we were delighted to see all his good work. Shaffick seems to be fine and the course also teaches manicuring and massaging! He is there for three months to begin with to see how he copes with boarding and if everything is fine will continue for another two years. He has had a difficult life and hasn’t really settled to anything in the past but he seems to be doing well at present – prayers please for him – he spent many years on the streets.

This week we took Patrick, (who left us a few months ago and returned to his father’s home) to the local Probation Officer and Police Post to officially hand him over to his father. Patrick still regularly visits us at weekends. He and Emma are both doing internships at a welding business near Patrick’s home.

The video is making good progress and more filming has taken place. Nora will be filmed on Monday as Chair of the Management Committee. Chantal and I have been busy in the office this week with paperwork. (My feet are healing nicely, the last bandages will be removed Monday)

The rain continues, especially thunderstorms at night and in some areas of Uganda rivers have broken their banks and many people in the villages made homeless. We are hoping to travel to find the families of four of our new boys next week near an area where the floods have been

Everyone has enjoyed KK today, lots of dancing has been going on and we didn’t leave until after dark when 23 of us squeezed into the minibus – me in the back seat with four hot, sweaty boys!

Looking forward to seeing some of you shortly.

Love and prayers.