The wonderful Diane Willcocks

6th October, 2019

Dear friends,

Yesterday I learned of the sudden death of my dear friend Diane. We had been friends since our children were young, which was over 40 years ago; we worked together in Sunday School at Jesus Church, and in the Mothers Union, and often used to spend weekends/holidays together in France – I have many happy memories, and will miss her so much. Diane was tireless in helping others, had a gift of hospitality, always looked amazing, was committed to prayer and trusted in Jesus. May her beautiful soul rest in Peace. Please be praying for John, her husband, her four girls and four grandchildren.

“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die;” John 11:25

Here in Uganda, we are always aware of how precious each day is and most people begin their prayers thanking God that they are alive today and experiencing God’s blessings of family, friends, health, a dry place to stay and something to eat. At George’s Place, we give each day to the Lord as we seek to deepen our relationship and trust in Him.

The boys at George’s Place are all fine. Derrick arrived back home on Friday as he has been given a few days holiday for ‘Independence Day’ which is on Wednesday next week.

Victor and some of the boys often bring me a flower when they come back from school, that they’ve picked on the way, hopefully, they won’t get into trouble with anyone!

The new boys now have new mattresses, metal boxes to keep their belongings, new blankets and sheets, a soft toy and a toy car. They all seem to be doing well. Chantal has been here three days this week and helped them with their maths and reading and Uncle Sam has been helping them with English. Bob and Sam took them swimming one afternoon. Sam and I walked them to Munyonyo one day for some exercise and to sit by the lake, we then caught a matatu (taxi van) back. Sam also took them on a ‘march’ to the top of the hill another afternoon, whilst I typed the September Accounts. They have finished their courses of treatment at the clinic and only Badru has to return the next two Fridays. Hopefully, we will start looking for their families in a few weeks, time permitting. More boxes arrived from the U.K. on Tuesday (Bob found a hat in one of them which he seems reluctant to remove from his head and tells me everyone keeps admiring it!)

Tim has returned from the village but caught a bacterial infection whilst there and has been quite unwell, he looks better today (Saturday). The boys are just getting ready for a visit to KK, we had hoped to take them all swimming but it’s clouded over a bit and not warm enough.

Most evenings I’ve managed to get home at about 8pm. After the boys have arrived from school, changed, washed their clothes, done their homework, had afternoon tea, we have been having tournaments, playing cards and ‘draughts’, (with chess pieces as we’ve managed to lose the draughts). Friday I was the champion at cards and Bob at draughts which caused a few to be upset. We left before we were beaten!

Thank you again for all your love and support to these wonderful boys – they bring smiles to our faces every day.

With love and prayers.