15th September, 2019

Dear friends,

Following church last Sunday I drove to George’s Place to wait for Tolu from ‘Faithful with a Few Ministries’ in the U.K. and two of her colleagues to visit us. They had been helping at one of the babies homes in Kampala for a week. The boys thoroughly enjoyed their visit, introducing themselves and asking questions, before they joined us for lunch. This was followed by dancing and playing drums with them and then walking to the football field for a game. Tolu had kindly bought some trainers/tshirts colouring books, felt tips and of course sweets which are still being enjoyed.

“The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands.” Deuteronomy 28:12

The rain has continued for most of the week, sometimes torrential, which has kept us in most afternoons. Some boys with Uncle Sam did manage a walk to the top of the hill on Friday afternoon – I stayed in the office typing up accounts!

The boys returning to Vocation were busy a couple of afternoons making ‘daddies’ (small deep-fried sweet pastry pieces) to take back with them. This kept them quiet for hours and lots have been eaten already, even by me!

Most of the requirements have been acquired for school/vocational training and three of the boys are going back to Don Bosco today – Simon Peter, Brian and Asaph.(Asaph is starting on a woodwork course – prayers for him please as he has had little schooling in the past.) Derrick is also resuming his welding course at The Vocational Institute today. Bob has been busy buying all the items that they need and has already been and paid the Maranatha school fees. Denis went back to boarding school on Friday he is now at Maranatha High School – there were a few problems in his previous school and unfortunately, he has had to change.

Bob arrived at my home one morning with a car full of boys to visit ‘Bata’s’ for school shoes, thankfully only four pairs were needed. So it’s back to school for everyone tomorrow. The holidays have gone quickly – I’ll miss all the interruptions next week and the noise levels!

Saturday it rained all morning but thankfully the sun shone brightly in the afternoon and we were at least able to enjoy some time at KK Beach. I even managed a game of badminton with Saviour but got rather wet, muddy feet.

With much love and prayers.