17th February, 2019

Dear friends,

It’s been another really hot week and still no rain, everywhere is dry and dusty. I send William, (my security lad) most days to give the cows grazing near my home buckets of water as they look so sad with nothing much to eat and nothing to drink.

Now when he passes by they start snorting – possibly appreciation!

Sitting in the garden last Sunday afternoon i thought the dog was scratching my foot but when I looked up it was a cheeky little monkey who I quickly shooed away – he just walked to the shade of the next tree.

‘Casting all your worries on him, because he cares for you.’ 1 Peter 5 v 7

The week began with Peace, William and I going to the market to buy the fruit and vegetables. (William staying by the car for them to be delivered to him). The same young man has been carrying things for us every week. There is always a good atmosphere in the market with people being friendly. The lady who we buy bananas from, lets us sit in the shade to drink our water when we arrive at her stall, which we are really thankful for.

On Tuesday I went to the hospital with one of our boys who needed to change his medication, he has been really unwell recently but hopefully the new tablets will help.

We had an appointment with the doctor and counsellor. There are always so many people waiting to be seen and in the heat in small airless rooms with two doctors working side by side, patients, (mothers and children) nurses, orderlies, it makes you really appreciate our own National Health system and hospitals.

This week when the boys arrived home from school, after greeting us, they straightaway changed their clothes – washed their school uniforms and hung them on the line or anywhere else suitable. They were all desperate to play games on my iPad and iPhone, (the popular one at the moment practising their driving skills) so they rushed to my office for the games. I suggested a rota so that they all get a fair share. Later they do homework, watch TV (power permitting) have afternoon tea and generally relax. I’ve been leaving work about 6.15pm so that I’m home before it gets dark as I’m not always happy driving on unlit roads with deep gullies at the side.

Augustine has been working all week and arrived home with wages – he was very happy. Emma seems settled in his apprenticeship. Ronald also has a new role at school being ‘Time Keeper’ – I think he is responsible for ringing the bell, not sure what else. I bought him a watch as a gift to help him with his responsibilities, he is always happy and smiling.

Jackie the new young lady who works one day a week in the office informed me she had received an Award for being the best female peer educator with ‘Reach a Hand Uganda’ a youth led organisation that empowers young people in making informed choices. She had been working in Karamoja, Kampala and Eastern Uganda. She is really hard working in the office and self-motivated, coming up with ideas on how to improve things.

Saturday saw us back at KK Beach enjoying badminton, football and trampolines.

The boys then trying to persuade me to hand over my IPad!

With love and prayers.