16th February, 2020

Dear friends,

Haruna is now on a plumbing and welding course at Connect Africa. He will have an opportunity to try all the other courses available – baking, hairdressing, carpentry etc. and will also receive computer training. He seemed rather anxious when I left him but Rogers the teacher was helping him settle in. Emma came with us to Connect Africa he is interested in joining Industrial training so that he can gain a certificate.

Charles is well and back working in the garage, with overalls and new boots.

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” ‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:12‬

I also called to see Tony at work on Tuesday, who has been doing so well in his carpentry training, he has been travelling daily from Georges Place and seemed to be settling well. Unfortunately on Wednesday evening after working all day he didn’t return home – we have reported this to the police and LC1. We checked and there has been no trouble at work – as I have said before Tony has lots of problems, his mother and brother are refugees from DRC. Please be praying that he is safe.

I travelled to Ibanda this week to visit Anton. He was not there. We handed out shoes, ‘fish and chip jumpers’ and baby clothes in the village and talked to his sister. The matoke on his land is growing well and he had harvested the maize and taken a sack to sell – also given a sack to his neighbour who helps him on the land. He has obviously not been working full time on the land, they are waiting for the rains. He has telephoned and is coming to see me.

The younger boys are all fine, Peace and Shadrach went to Maranatha, their school, to buy some new uniforms/sportswear on Wednesday. Badru one of the new boys comes bouncing in after school each day, big smile and really happy, but serious when photos are being taken! Benon, who returned, is beginning school on Monday.

Of course, we visited KK Beach yesterday afternoon. Tim joined us after work.

We have a rat in the car – just part of life here!

It’s been warm this week with little rain and Tresor came to stay Saturday night. A retired missionary friend, Pat, who has been staying with me for the last three weeks leaves today – I have seen little of her as we have both been working!

Your prayers please as we move forward and the older boys start moving on.

Love and blessings