12th December, 2015

Dear friends,

Monday morning and I’m back at the hospital with Timothy, 8.30am, he has just had a malaria test – negative. I must be becoming well known, the social worker for the children here has just come and found me and told me to come down to the clinic following the results of the test to see the doctor, it’s not always easy getting to see someone but hopefully sometime this morning we will get seen.  Timothy is lying flat out across the benches, he is really unwell – please be praying for him.  All the TB tests are negative.  We are now waiting to see the doctor, Tim is lying in the car and I’m sitting with all the other patients in the clinic, the tea lady has just found me so I’ve ordered a mug.  I hadn’t realised how many people here must be infected, every day I have been here there are 100s waiting to be seen who wait for hours, and this is one small hospital/clinic dealing with HIV/AIDS victims in one small area of Kampala. I really do stand out which is quite uncomfortable when Tim isn’t sitting with me, all part of learning patience, humility and much more!

Bob came and collected the car as we need to deliver the rice, medical kit, water, etc. to the project, he will bring it back to me so that I can take Tim home.  We have seen the doctor now and he is treating Tim for malaria even though the blood test was negative!  I daren’t comment!  I’m reading Henri Nouwen’s book on Discernment which I think is helpful, whilst Tim and I prepare to wait for yet another hour or more squeezed together on wooden benches in the heat, dirt and smell which is pretty foul, trying to use the time prayerfully.

Bob kindly took Tim home whilst I went to the Meals for Kids project, the traffic is terrible leading up to Christmas, also lots of warnings regarding thieves.  Sue was driving in Makindye with a Sudanese priest with the car window down and his phone was snatched from his hand!

‘Love is patient, love is kind.  It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud’

1Corinthians 13

The Carols by Candlelight service ( 9 Lessons and Carols) at the Cathedral was good, the place was packed, the carols traditional and familiar, there is another carol service next Sunday evening as each service has its own choir so prepares their own Christmas Carol service.

I’ve met with Sarah and Nora this week who are both helping with registering the charity, I have most of the paperwork sorted apart from a letter from the British High Commission who I still haven’t heard from.  The 6 boxes I sent by sea arrived in Kampala this week, the bandages and plasters are really good, many thanks to those who gave them. I had been buying plasters here, as I had run out and they just don’t keep stuck on!

Tim is in the church nativity on Sunday as a Wise Man so I’ve been busy making him a crown – definitely not where my talents lie.  Today Barbra and I took the children out (6 now with Tim, who is much better) they did lots of swimming, Aaron and Tim using the water slide as they both swim well, also trying out roller skating, and everyone enjoying the bouncy castle and park rides.  I did get time for a manicure and pedicure this week and went out for a meal with Sue and Pat one evening.

Very little other news.  I imagine most of you are really busy with Christmas preparations and church activities, as Aaron left the car this evening he asked if people gave gifts at Christmas in my country as they didn’t here, it really touched me as so many of the children they know won’t have any gift to open and possibly nothing much to eat either.

With love and prayers