13th November, 2022

Dear friends,

I’ve been at George’s Place for the last three days. On Wednesday, Peace, Petra, Michael (who was doing our audit) and I came to Garuga to check everything is here and accounted for! There were a few problems as I donated some of my furniture when I moved out my house during the lockdown and there are no receipts for chairs, coffee tables, cooker, fridge etc. The auditors would like everything marked with ‘Homes of Promise’ but I pointed out that this was a ‘home’ and if things needed to be marked we would do it on the back or hidden underneath.

“Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.” ‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭3‬:‭8‬ ‭

Yesterday I was back in Garuga as Ian and I were doing staff appraisals. It rained and the new boys were around so we met at Silver’s hotel, a 10 min. walk away, Silver goes to our church and came to our bbq last Sunday. I was relieved to know that Benard (Warden) is staying. When we first employed him, he said he would work for us for a year as he had been a headteacher and wanted to continue his career. Thankfully he now feels that this is his vocation for the next few years. ‘Phew!’ We will hold appraisals for Petra, Peace and Halima on Monday.

Today, Friday, I collected Kasita and Musumba from school and brought them back to George’s Place, they have finished their exams and are not due back at school until February! They both think they have done well and want to go into S1 boarding school next year. Tresor and I took a walk this morning to sort out food for the party on 26th and found Godfrey working, digging for someone on nearby land. We also heard that Emma was sick in Mbale hospital but thankfully it’s typhoid and not Ebola. Dennis is also around, his last exam is on Monday. He has just asked me for 10,000UGX, which I gave him, as he wants to buy himself some new trousers and has 20,000UGX saved – I said he needs to run an errand for me when he’s out!

Our other boys were off school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as the P7 exams were taking place. They enjoyed walks, football, Ludo, swings, DVD’s and helping around the house. Peace and I had an opportunity to share with them all on Wednesday and there were a few complaints about the menu’s, I think we need to be varying them, some would like green vegetables and water melons off the menu completely – but this will not be happening! I think they probably know the day of the week from the food they are eating! Our new boys are well settled and we are planning to take Saidi for home tracing next week.

Please continue to pray for the work of Homes of Promise, the boys – all the challenges and temptations that they face – that they will make good and right decisions even at this age. Also the staff, for safety as we travel and the threat of Ebola – schools are closing early this term because of the continued spread.

This weekend is the church retreat which begins 8am Saturday morning until 4pm at the sailing club, followed by Sunday morning worship, another busy weekend! Thank you for all your prayers and support, there are many blessings and we give God the Glory.

Love Jane x