22nd January, 2023

Dear friends,

Late last Monday afternoon the Probation Services phoned asking us to take Bethel to City Hall to his mother. Bethel said he was not going, although he wanted to see his mum, so he didn’t go! On Tuesday two Probation Officers came to George’s Place with his mum and spent some time with Bethel – he is still with us! His story is horrific, I cannot go into details, but he is happy with us at present and obviously feels secure. I think that the family, from Congo will get asylum in the USA. Please be praying for this family who have suffered terribly, the father is in hospital.

We have been getting on with paperwork in the office, looking for vocational colleges for the older boys and senior schools for Kasita and Johnson (Musumba). His eye is improving, following the operation, but is still very bloodshot – he says he now has some vision in it and returned to the hospital on Tuesday for a checkup. We have put him in a room on his own for the meantime.

Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 2 Corinthians 4 16

Jessie and I took Griffin, Musa and Joseph to Don Bosco for them to see the college. Joseph was really excited about the music room as he says he plays the trombone! They are looking at courses in catering or metal fabrication/plumbing. Following the visit we went out for lunch at local cafe which the boys enjoyed! Peace went and visited a college where we are thinking of transferring two of the boys who are doing car mechanic courses so that they also learn to drive. The other 4 boys will return to Hope.

Asaph is still doing his industrial training nearby, he came to GP on Friday evening and I took him back on Saturday afternoon following our visit to Sky Beach.

Peace and I took letters to the Mayor of the Town Council and Child Development Officer to join our Management Committee, on Wednesday (we called on them when we first moved to Entebbe and Peace went again last summer but no one has visited us) our previous government officials on the Management Committee were from Kampala. We are hoping that Patience who has been our Probation Officer since we began, will continue with us, she is now located in Old Kampala where most of our boys are registered from.

Ronald has returned and Dennis, but whilst he is awaiting his Senior 4 exam results he has gone to stay with a brother in Kampala. They brought back a couple of chickens from the village so we are getting quite a brood. Tim is looking much better and has a couple of days work locally, cooking. The boys have been involved with cooking, cleaning, washing up etc. and GP is running well. Kasita cooked lunch Saturday as Halima was sick. The older primary boys have continued going to school for extra tuition.

Christine and I have been out walking 4 days this week from 5-7pm. We do call at a place called Yellow Haven for a fruit juice, it’s by the swamps on Lake Victoria and the birds are amazing, lots of pied and woodland kingfishers. I have had little exercise recently and we hope this will help us both to get fitter!

Thank you for all your love, concern and prayers. It’s not always easy here but there are many things to give thanks for as the boys continue to develop and grow in grace and faith. I received a lovely letter from Yusuf – telling my story! We celebrated my birthday yesterday with cake and sodas! (75yrs.).

With love and prayers.

Love Jane x