31st December, 2022

Good morning friends,

Happy New Year.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. The boys who are staying at George’s Place had a good time, though the 3 Congolese brothers went back to their family on Christmas Eve. We had brought them some clothes for Christmas which they were very happy with. Bethel is still with us, the Probation Officer, Peter, and two UN representatives came this week to talk with him – he told them he wanted to stay at GP, but obviously it is their decision.

Christmas Day the boys came and worshipped at Kampala International Church, we then went back to Garuga for lunch in the garden of Silver’s hotel, which everyone enjoyed. As a special treat Jesse drove the minibus to Entebbe where we hired a small boat to take us across to one of the island resorts – there were lots of activities for the boys and we had a very special afternoon. Ian and Christine spent the day with us.

‘Praise the Lord.
Praise God in his sanctuary;
praise him in his mighty heavens.
Praise him for his acts of power;
praise him for his surpassing greatness…………..
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.’ Psalm 150 1/6

Boxing Day, Tresor cooked as the cooks were off this week, I think he probably could do with a few lessons, but the boys seemed to enjoy large platefuls of rice, spaghetti, chips with chicken or pork (that he had brought, already cooked). Later they went to Sky Beach, where there was a bouncy castle and of course swimming.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at the hospital with Tim as Benard was concerned about him. Tim has TB, is eating very little and is really weak. I telephoned his Doctor at Kisenyi but that hospital is closed until the 2nd. Jan. Entebbe hospital did lots of tests on him and prescribed more drugs, he is taking so many tablets, hopefully he will soon be feeling stronger. Prayers please.

  • Johnson (Musumba) has been working at Silver’s hotel some days this week and earning himself some money.
  • I’ve had regular phone calls from Dennis, Ronald and Emma.
  • The office has had the windows covered, making it safer, thankfully we can see out!
  • Victor has returned and bought a chicken with him who seems very aggressive to our others! (Pecking order!)
  • I went away for a couple of nights this week with Christine, not far as I was driving but a lovely break.
  • The minibus has had its starter motor fixed.
  • Tresor and Benard are taking the boys to Watoto Church in Entebbe this evening to see the New Year in, I’ll go and visit them tomorrow afternoon as it will be a late night for them!

There have been so many blessings this last year in the work of Homes of Promise, despite difficult times we have been able to see many young boys/lads lives being changed, offering them hope for the future. Of course there are challenges but we thank God for the staff in Garuga who work tirelessly and bring a sense of God’s peace and joy to the boys. Thank you for all your support and prayers. God bless you and your loved ones throughout 2023.

With love and blessings

Jane x