Sunday 13th August, 2023

Dear friends,

The boys at Hope International College have broken up and are now back at George’s Place. The college Reports that I have seen are all very good. Ivan (tailoring course) has been busy using the sewing machine since he returned home, mending and altering some of the younger boys clothes. Derek also returned from Marjorine College earlier this week and he and Tim have been helping with the cooking. Halima has fallen ill this weekend so everyone is getting involved in preparing and cooking the food.

I haven’t spoken with any of the staff this week, but Gorrett, the week day cook recorded a message for me, she is looking forward to my return. Joseph (Yusuf) has been attending Christine’s workshop and making what look like Christmas decorations. He is very keen to be earning himself some pocket money! I really appreciate Christine and the refugee women she employs, helping him to learn new skills and it’s good for him to experience a work environment, he is very gifted and creative.

‘We do not come to God by navigation but by love’. St. Augustine of Hippo

The boys have been enjoying watching the Women’s World Cup matches and are supporting Australia and the U.K. teams!

Saturday morning the boys were all busy washing their clothes, cleaning the compound, house and walking Peanut and Zimba. They went swimming in the afternoon as the weather has been really hot.

The chickens are getting bigger, they were small chicks when I left but they are now laying eggs, though I’m not sure how many chickens I will find when I get back to Uganda as the staff and boys will probably have a ‘celebration’ meal before I return! Chicken is a real treat.

On Friday this week the boys from Little Angels went on a school trip. I’ll find out where they went tomorrow when I have a Zoom call with them.

Dan hasn’t returned to school yet but has been making himself useful, he is really good at cleaning and helping around the home and has also been involved in preparing the dogs food and feeding them.

It’s only a couple of weeks now and I’ll be back in Garuga. I’m taking a car boot full of clothes, trainers/football boots etc. to the shipping agents on Monday, Thank you for all the things you have donated, I know the boys will be really excited when they arrive in Uganda in three months time! It has been a very special time for me being here and meeting up with many of you. We really appreciate all your kindness and support – God is changing these young lads lives through our work and your generosity and love.

Love Jane