4th March, 2017

Dear friends,

The weather has definitely changed – thunder, lightning, downpours of rain nearly every night and early morning, consequently plenty of mud, followed by bright sunshine every afternoon. 

The boys are all fine, enjoying school, doing their homework, washing and cleaning their shoes daily.  William bought them a DVD of Mr Bean who they love, though I don’t know how much of the humour they understand, I think he just looks funny to them!

We have located Yusif’s father, which is amazing as Yusif didn’t even know his father’s name.  Peace, Bob and I took Yusif and met him on Wednesday afternoon at a police post.  There were a few hiccoughs but the father signed, giving us permission to look after his son. We have found that the boys are very subdued when we take them to meet their relatives and say very little on the way, but on the return journey, they chat away excitedly. Yusif has had a very sad childhood, he also has badly scared burnt feet and legs, but is really settled now and hopefully he, Shaffick and young Brian will be starting school after Easter.  We will try to locate his mother next week but even the father didn’t have a name for her!

‘If I put my own happiness before the well-being of the work entrusted to me; if, though I have this ministry and have received much mercy, I faint, then I know nothing of Calvery love.’  Amy Carmicha

There have been power cuts daily at work or at home and I have been notified that the power will be off all day today, (Saturday).  Also on Monday morning, I woke up to no water – William had forgotten to inform me it had been turned off on Friday and we were only using the water in the tank!  I was off straight away to the water board and it was back on by the afternoon.  The joys of living in Africa!  

I have been working in the office most days – still caching up on the paperwork and also looking into producing some leaflets on our work.  

We did receive some good news, Tim who is in Mbale at the vocational college studying baking and pastry making is on a placement for a few weeks at the Mbale Resort Hotel  – one of the best hotels in the area.  I am so proud of him he loves what he is doing and has really used the opportunity given him to change his life, please be praying for him and all the boys as they continue their studies and grow in confidence. 

We are shortly off to the swimming pool – one of our Saturday afternoon outings – a full house today as Tresor, Paul, Sam, Bob and even William have turned up!  Not sure how many will manage to get into the car.  Following swimming, the boys came back to my home to play football and play on the iPad.  We all have new Tshirts so looking smart!

As the Lenten season begins and we focus on our relationship with Jesus we pray 

‘Lord open our eyes to see you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more nearly day by day.’ (Adapted by the prayer of St.Richard of Chichester).

With love and prayers