11th October, 2020

Dear friends,

I received some photographs last Monday of Ggaba market, on the edge of Lake Victoria, near to where we take the boys to KK Beach and the whole area is flooded. How the market vendors are managing to sell their produce and make a living I cannot imagine. Shadrach was there buying vegetables and tells me they are trying to stop the water by building up the defences!

Peace and Shadrach travelled to Masaka on Thursday to visit ‘young’ Brian (we have 3 Brian’s!) Brian was fine, he has been staying in the village with his father’s relatives since the beginning of lockdown and is keeping well and healthy. They were able to hand out some of the children’s clothes I have sent this year to the village children and everyone looks happy about this.

‘Let your gentleness be evident to all.’ Philippians 4v5

They also took ‘big’ Brian back to his home and met with his parents and the Probation Officer, he is staying with his family in the village for a few days. We are hoping big Brian will go back to Don Bosco Vocational College later this month to finish his plumbing and metalwork course, final year students have been told they can return to schools and colleges.

There has been trouble with both of my cars this week, the old one looks like it might explode! The newer one is needing servicing so these need to be worked on next week.

I have been sent photos of Tim’s room and he is well settled now and keeping well. We are so happy to report that he has been put on the payroll of the bakery he is working at so is earning money, is given a travel allowance and also is allowed to take home some of the pizzas and bread he bakes. He has to attend the hospital regularly but he hasn’t had any problems recently. We give God the glory – Tim had a very difficult childhood and life hasn’t been easy for him but he is progressing well.

I spoke with all the boys last Sunday, some of them have grown and look taller and bigger than ever. It was good to see and talk with them. The younger boys are all fine and keeping themselves busy as life continues to progress at George’s Place.

Thank you for all your prayers, love and support.

Yours in Christ.