Sunday 9th April , 2023

Dear friends,

It is good to be back in Uganda.

On Wednesday I worked in the office all day and caught up with Peace and Petra. In the evening the church house group met in my apartment and it was special to study and pray together. Thursday morning I met Ian at 8am for breakfast, to talk about the boys. Following this I drove to Kisenyi Hospital to collect Tim’s TB medication which had not been available when he attended the clinic on Monday. I had forgotten how bad the traffic and parking in Kisenyi is and also had forgotten Tim’s Christian name! I have always called him Tim! After making several calls I eventually got through to Patrick our security man at George’s Place, who let me speak to Tim. The doctor insisted Tim and I now attend another clinic on Tuesday. Tim is really very unwell and although we have changed his diet, he is uninterested in food and is losing weight. Prayers please.

‘Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die.’ John 11 25-26

Following this I went to Garuga, as the younger boys were breaking from school at 2pm. Young Brian, (P7) in boarding has also come for the weekend. He is anxious as he doesn’t feel he is doing as well as he should, I have assured him, he is doing fine. I also told him he only had to do an hour of studying a day for the next few days and that he should have a break and enjoy football, swimming, relaxing and the zoo where we are going on Monday.

I’ve ordered an Easter cake for the picnic that Ian has arranged after the zoo visit.


  • Peace visited Kodet, (S2), Derek (Vocational) and Dennis (S5) on their visiting days last week, they are all fine.
  • Petra visited Kasita this Thursday as the school is near her home, I spoke with him on the phone, he says it’s very strict there but he seems to be doing well.
  • Omoding is settling well into vocational college in Tororo, studying hairdressing, his father has promised to visit him.
  • The older boys in vocational training/boarding school are all staying at college/school during Easter as it’s only 4 days holiday, we have sent them some money for food!
  • The football academy asked for the boys to attend on Good Friday – as the staff were happy to go with them they enjoyed their training then.
  • Sadly Griffin’s grandfather has passed away and Griffin has returned to Iganga for the funeral.

On Friday evening Christine, Kim (a friend who is staying with her) and I attended the Good Friday service in a garden near the Country Club, for a contemplative time.

Everything seems to have run smoothly whilst I’ve been away. I’m just off to Garuga this lunchtime to spend the afternoon with the boys. At present I’m sitting waiting for Tresor so I can give him a lift as he also came to the service yesterday evening and stayed nearby last night.

Thank you for all your love and prayers. Wishing you a very Happy Easter.

Love Jane x