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Just a few of Harry’s books

Dear friends,

A great big thank you from the boys at Homes of Promise to Harry who is raising money for the charity through a sponsored ‘Read’. It is absolutely amazing that a young lad would want to help youngsters in Uganda during his school holidays by reading so many books. We really appreciate all you are doing Harry and wish you ‘Happy Reading’ in the days ahead.

From Harrys GoFundMe page…

When Harry was asked ‘ what do you want to achieve this summer…’ ( as we didn’t want him to sit idle ), we were pleasantly surprised that one of his goals was to raise money for charity.

He chose this real heartfelt charity that is affiliated with the school. Homes of Promise. The charity helps underprivileged children in Uganda, that could otherwise be exploited or mistreated to have shelter, food, education and an abundance of love. Giving them a real chance, that quite often we, as westerners, take for granted.

He decided he would do a sponsored read. His goal is to read 36 books in the two months of August and September.

So, this nine-year-old boy, who would like nothing else but to jump to the tv remote is actually waking up and reading as his first priority.

It is truly heartwarming that he is inspired to help these young children… please extend your help, by giving what you can.

With warmest regards..Skevi Antoniou


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