Sunday 23rd April, 2023

Good morning friends,

From a very wet Kampala! It seems to have rained most days this week, mostly in the night or early mornings but then the sun comes out!

On Tuesday I went to Garuga to take Johnson back to school, Benard had taken him to the hospital on Monday and received medication for his eye. The doctor is pleased with the progress he is making and felt the eye redness was due to eye strain (he has just finished his exams!). I also went to check on Tim, who needs our prayers.

When I arrived at George’s Place, Paul had just arrived. We haven’t seen him for months. He needed to go to the clinic for treatment and will be staying with us for a couple of weeks. He looks fine, I think sometimes the older boys who have left us need to know they have a home to go to, where someone cares about them!

“He fills my life with good things, my youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” Psalm 103 v 5 NLT

Wednesday, Tresor and I took Bethel to ‘The Surgery’, where I usually attend. I wanted the doctor there to check out his heart and breathing, sometimes it seems as if he misses a breath. He is fine, it has nothing to do with his neck injury but possibly psychological. He has had a substantial amount of trauma in his young life.

It was Eid on Friday and all the younger boys had a day off school, so I went to visit. Some of the older boys in vocational training have finished their exams and arrived back. Derek has received a certificate from his car mechanics course, he attends a garage a couple of days a week for practical work. Ronald tells me he was first in his class in the theory exam (car mechanics). Ivan (tailoring) has made me a dress – which he designed and made, without any measurements! Amazing! New Brian arrived home unwell, and I dropped him and Tresor to the clinic yesterday afternoon.

We now have 18 boys in the home – so busy and noisy – they have gone for football this morning (Saturday) as it’s just stopped raining. I am on my way to visit them this afternoon. They had a good time, they always have a time of devotion before they play and yesterday the coach spoke to them about being ‘Light’ – sharing the ball, forgiving each other if mistakes are made, encouraging one another. The mini-bus got stuck in the mud on the way back so everyone got out and pushed! Arrived home very muddy and happy.

One of our loyal supporters contacted me a while ago as her son was getting married and he and his future wife wanted to support HoP and another charity at their wedding. Thank you to the Kwong family for thinking of us.

On a practical note, the fridge now has a new condenser and is working really well. I’m also looking into us growing mushrooms – we need to build a small dark, damp room – I need to get more information though.

Please keep Homes of Promise in your prayers, most of our boys are doing well, but some have health issues, need counselling etc. We are a small team and need to be working and communicating well together. Thank you for all your love and support, we really couldn’t do this work without your love, support and prayers.

God bless.

Love Jane x